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SPN #10x12 About a Boy (episode review)

Here are my thoughts on this episode...

I...really liked this one. I don't know, it kind of felt more old school, the boys working a case together and some nice broments.

One thing I have to say up front, though. Am I the only one who got flashbacks to The Benders when young Dean and the other kids were locked up and Hansel is coming for them? At least at first?

So the big theme throughout this one is basically Dean really wanting to be rid of the Mark. In the beginning, he's going through all this research (and yay, they are trying to sneak some music back in!) and Sam again shows what an awesome brother he is, showing his support and that he believes in Dean. He wants Dean to come with him on this case and not continue to make himself crazy. Oh, and have I mentioned lately that I'm liking how Sam's hair is looking better again? No? Okay. *grin*

Anyway, they talk to weird guy who says he saw that JP guy disappear in the beginning. And the guy mentions aliens. Heh. And he smelled flowers.

And we see some of the old Dean when he's chatting with Tina in the bar. So she had a pretty crappy childhood too. Maybe it's just me, but Dean focusing on his arm again and hearing the heartbeat reminds me of DemonBlood!Sam, especially in My Bloody Valentine back in S5.

So the kid from Bad Boys last season is back as young Dean. And again that scene where he finds himself locked up, along with young Tina & young JP in different cells, reminds me of The Benders a bit.

I loved Sam's reaction when young Dean shows up. Jared did that very well. I love when young Dean picks up the woman's key for her, then when Sam comes out she tells him "your son is so polite." Hee.

Young Dean tells Sam that he heard a Taylor Swift song on the way over and he liked it. Eep. Lol

Boy, we can really see how desperate Dean is to get rid of the Mark. He notices that it's now gone and maybe it's better for him to stay a kid, even with going through puberty again and all. Sam doesn't think that's a good idea. At first I wondered why, but it became clear in the end.

They go to rescue Tina and I liked the banter between Sam and young Dean. Sam's reaction when young Dean says something about him not being able to fit through the window was good...something about Dean wearing Roos or something like that? Lol

I was kinda wary of Hansel. The offer he made to help the, defeat the witch and give them the way to reverse the spell seemed too easy. Interesting spin on the fairy tale though, with him now working for the witch. He told them she forced him to eat his sister, but in reality she didn't force him. Their German accents, especially the witch's, were a bit on the cheesy side, lol. Quirky character she was, though. And she is somehow associated with Rowena? I guess she's got some big coven and we'll find out about that at some point?

I like how even though Dean seemed desperate to stay a kid so he wouldn't have the Mark, when push came to shove and Sam and young Tina's lives were threatened, he squeezed the bag and reversed the spell. If it's one thing this episode appears to have illustrated, it's how devoted these boys are to each other.

And of course we see that in the end. Sam didn't want Dean to stay a kid, because he wanted Dean as he is. It seems like he really wants to help Dean, to save him from this situation. He told Dean they'd find a way; they always do. Love it. And I loved Sam's "WTF?" Expression when Dean put the Taylor Swift music on. LOL.

So yeah, despite some cheesiness with the Hansel & Gretal stuff, I enjoyed this one. Nice brotherly stuff.
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