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SPN #10x14 The Executioner's Song (episode review)

Here are my thoughts on this episode...

Holy crap, this episode was crazy. I hope some of this makes sense. Um...

Okay, to start I pretty much knew Cain was not doing okay. Thinking back to what Sam said a few episodes ago, about how Cain is apparently living with the Mark. I was thinking no, it can't be that easy. And lo and behold...

So Dean lies to Crowley that his name is on Cain's hit list. Yeah, guess that's the only way he'll get the blade. Am I the only one who finds Rowena pretty over-the-top? Yes? Okay....Well, I concede she's probably like that for a good reason, and even Crowley is starting to get peeved with her.

Some nice brother moments in this one. It's obvious that Dean doesn't want Sam to get involved in this (or Cas), this is his fight and he doesn't want him to get hurt. That talk with Sam...he says he didn't think this day would come so soon and he admits to Sam that he's scared. :(

Ugh, so Cain has been killing all his descendants, and he'd kill Dean too? Eep. And holy crap, apparently Dean is supposed to kill Crowley, then Cas and then finally Sam??? And Cain says that killing Sam is the one thing that will destroy who he is. Dean's reaction to hearing this...OMG. He ends up cutting Cain's hand off and is like "please tell me I don't have to do this...please tell me you'll stop." But Cain says he won't, not ever. And Dean kills him.

And he looks so shattered as he rejoins Sam, Crowley and Cas. And he tells Crowley he lied as he gives the blade to Cas, as in he's not giving the blade back to Crowley and that he lied about Crowley being on Cain's hit list.

And OMG, the HUG. Sam hugging Dean and telling him he did it. And Dean's faaaaace. :(

So Crowley gets bitched out by Mummy who wants to leave him and tells him that he's the Winchester's bitch. So I guess we will probably see how Crowley is going to act now, if he's going to keep his distance from the boys, be at odds with them?

The end just killed me. Cas says the blade is somewhere safe. Sam still wants to believe at first that Dean is okay, but in the end when Dean leaves, he looks upset and tells Cas "there's something wrong with Dean." Oh, shit. I'm as worried as you are, Sam. :(

So what are we in for now with the rest of this season? Is Dean now a walking time bomb, eventually succumbing to killing Crowley, Cas and Sam? God, I hope not. Already I'm fearing that the season finale will involve Dean killing Sam. :( I know I'm getting way ahead of myself, but I can't help thinking the worst. Really hope this doesn't come to pass.
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