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SPN #10x15 The Things They Carried (episode review)

Okay, some random thoughts on this one...

I kinda like Cole. But is it me, or did his accent seem different in this episode from the way it did in his earlier appearances? It was almost like they were trying to emphasize that he is native to the area (North Carolina). Not that it was a really strong accent, but it just sounded a bit different to me.

Interesting twist on the khan worms now. They make you dehydrated, thirst for water, peel your skin away (and apparently your hair, judging from Kit's condition) and then make you thirst for blood? Is this some different species of khan worm than the one from season 6? Certainly seems like it, especially from the way plain old electrocution didn't seem to stop them.

Sam is researching like crazy, trying to find help in dealing with the Mark. And Dean apparently catches on, telling him he's going to deal with it and wants Sam with him. I noticed that Dean didn't seem intent on killing Cole, as if the Mark was actually not influencing him there (or he was trying hard to resist it). The way he told Cole to fight it, yeah, that was an anvil there. We know there's a parallel there, Dean.

Poor Sam seemed so devastated that he couldn't save Kit. And I'm assuming there is a parallel there. He wants to save Dean so badly, I think he doesn't even want to think about the possibility of not succeeding at that. And then Dean telling him that it happens, that you try to save the guy and he just dies.... Oh, man. :( I want to hug Sam so badly, and get rid of that Mark from Dean. *sigh*

Anyway I'm glad Cole didn't die. Maybe he's not my favorite guest character, but I like him a lot more than other characters we've seen this season....*cough*Claire*cough* I wonder if he will ever show up again.

My first thoughts after watching this one, I thought it was a pretty good MOTW episode. Certainly a nice break from the boring angels crap and Crowley with his mommy issues.
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