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SGA #4.13 Quarantine (Episode Review)

I'm literally falling asleep on my keyboard (what can I say...long week) but I'll try to keep my thoughts as coherent as possible.

First of all... John playing golf on the computer! Hee.... He and Rodney going to grab a beer? But Rodney is set to propose to Katie. 

And then of course everything goes awry. 

Not a bad scene between John and Teyla.  She doesn't seem to want to rejoin the team after she has her baby because she's worried something could happen to her and the child will not only grow up without a father, but without a mother as well.  Nice analogy John uses with the policewoman who's out there fighting evil and not just protecting her own kid, but others also.

I gotta say that the interaction between Sam and Radek was kind of cute.  Especially when the pigeon picture shows up on the tablet and he tells Sam how he raises pigeons.  Love when they're stuck and Sam says "we could sure use one of your pigeons now", and he says "well they're not to eat" or something like that.  Heh.  Speaking of Radek we also got him mumbling Czech as he crawled through those ducts.  Ouch, poor guy falling through the ceiling like that.

Is Rodney just the biggest hypochondriac ever?? LOL.  He seemed more hyper than usual, and I liked how the differences between him and Katie were highlighted.  He is being so panicky and negative about the situation while she is really trying to make the best of it and be positive.  Ah, the reappearance of the plant she named after him.  His awkward little cough at her "I give it lots of TLC and watch it grow...and grow" was priceless.

So, Ronon has seen Jaws. *grin* Some nice interaction between him and Dr. Keller.   It was nice how she told him a bit about herself.   And I liked how he told her not to blame herself or be hard on herself, about how he knew someone like her on Sateda who was killed.  I think she seemed just a wee bit Mary Sue-ish at one point though - when she told him she graduated at 15, got her bachelor's degree not long afterwards, and how she felt like she never belonged.  Almost seemed Daniel-esque to me, actually (at least the Daniel of fanon...though he had told Shyla in Need that he felt like he didn't belong back on Earth... though, yeah, he was drugged at the time).  But it was sweet how Ronon told her not to beat herself up over it. 

I guess you all know I don't really ship much on SGA... even less so this season.  But this episode just gave us some nice friendship all around, and some that was just beginning to be explored.  I liked that.

Go John! Don't know how he was able to climb like that... I know I'd never be brave enough to do something like that.  He knew Rodney's password! Hee... And I guess this means that Rodney is the same age as David (as going by the year of McKay's birth).

So, Rodney pretty much takes back his proposal and tells Katie he's not ready for it ... and she feels the same way.  I kind of like Katie, but I wouldn't want to see Rodney hook up with anyone, at least at this stage.  I'm actually glad.

Another nice team scene at the end (well, mostly team... sans Rodney).  Again something I really missed from SG-1 S9 and 10... but I know you're all getting sick of me saying that. ;) 

Not a bad episode... Liked the idea that they weren't able to solve this problem right away and just beam themselves out of trouble.
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