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SPN #10x17 Inside Man (episode review)

Not going to say too much about this one, I had a really long day at work & I'm exhausted... But for what it's worth, here are my thoughts on this one...

Am I the only one who yelled "THANK YOU!!" at Crowley when he finally told off his insufferable mummy? And now I guess she is going to have it out not only for the boys but for him as well. Interesting what she said about the Mark, how it's just a curse and it can be removed (though she apparently doesn't know how). Does anyone think she could be lying about that? Or maybe not so much about that but that she doesn't know how?

Kind of heart-breaking to see Dean having nightmares with Cain's words about him being destined to kill Sam going through his head, and yelling Sam's name. Though it did give us another glimpse of Sam's room and Sam wearing one layer...and the glorious flying Sam Hair...mmmm. :) Anyway we can see how Dean is struggling with that and then we see that he doesn't kill those kids at the bar, and he doesn't kill Rowena either. So he does have some control, though will he actually be able to keep it? Will he really struggle to do so, especially if it comes down to Sam? I still worry that he'll try to kill Sam and succeed in the finale...guess I'm getting way ahead of myself though.

The brother banter in the beginning was cute though (even though it involved both of them lying to each other again...*sigh*). Sam tells Dean to stay out of his room and like a good ol big brother, he doesn't. Kinda gave me a wistful flashback to Hell House, where he put the itching powder in Sam's shorts lol.

Nice to see Bobby again (though does it sometimes seem that repeated returns kinda cheapen death on SPN a little? I guess it's true that no one on this show really stays "dead"). His heaven consists of his living room and Kenny Rogers' The Gambler playing in the background. And his letter to Sam was so nice, really makes one teary-eyed. Though gotta wonder about his warning and what it could mean down the line. Oh, and his line when he was talking to Sam, about remembering when it was just about killing a fang and tossing back a cold one...Gah, does that symbolize how I really miss the show of old.

That's about it. Hope some of what I said made sense, I'm totally exhausted.
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