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Music Video Break

Found a bunch of nice Sam/Daniel music vids on youtube (thanks to drgemini for some of the recs!).

I Loved Her First (Jacob/Sam/Daniel video; very lovely)

Take a Chance on Me (yep that's right, the ABBA song)

Kiss Me (the song by Sixpence None the Richer; this one actually made me tear up - but then again I am PMSing somewhat at the moment so don't let that dissuade you from watching it, lol)

Kiss the Girl

At the Beginning with You (song from the Disney movie Anastasia I believe)

Keep Holding On (song by Avril Lavigne... another nice vid)

Barbie Girl (by Aqua...  for a little humor!)

Iris (the Goo Goo Dolls song... funny I see a lot of S/J vids to this song, but this is the first I've seen for S/D...but nice to see it nonetheless)

Sam and Daniel vid to Total Eclipse of the Heart
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