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SPN #10x18 Book of the Damned (episode review)

I'm not going to say a whole lot about this one...I'm really tired & have a long day tomorrow, but here are some of my thoughts...

I was rolling my eyes during most of the Metatron/Cas stuff, and was like "WILL YOU STFU?!" during most of Metatron's stupid lines. I almost wanted Cas to just kill him. Cas has his grace back & Charlie wants to know if he can save Dean but he says it's not that simple. Yeah, I was hoping it wouldn't be, because it would suck if it was.

I thought it was awesome that they played some more music in this one, especially "The Boys Are Back in Town." Dean was certainly in a good mood there. I guess it was because he thought that book would save him. And then when he actually picks it up and it has that effect on him...yup, now it's too dangerous for him.

Charlie has always seemed like quite a Mary Sue, but she especially seemed so in the very beginning. Or is it just me?

I loved Sam in this one, the way he says he needs Dean and then his talk with Charlie. Aw, Sam.

So now Metatron has the demon tablet. Wonder how that is going to come into play now?

Oh boy, Sam working with Rowena now? Eep...Though I thought he burned the book? Was it a fake one that he actually burned? I thought I saw during the end montage that he hid something away...that was the actual book, I guess? We can see how desperate he is to save Dean. And I have an insignificant nitpick here, but...when exactly did Sam have time to get a haircut before he met with Rowena? Lol
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