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SPN #10x19 The Werther Project (episode review)

Don't have too much to say about this one, but here it is...

So the boys are still keeping things from each other; or rather Sam keeping the fact that he's working with Rowena and trying to find a cure from Dean. Though Dean did slaughter a bunch of monsters on his own without waiting for Sam... But then he shows up and wants to help Sam on this case? Not sure what to think of that, though I wonder if his words at the end had something to do with it (I'll get to that later).

So let me get this straight...whatever is trapped in that safe or whatever it was in that house, gets out and makes the people hallucinate and kill themselves? I remember Jared saying back during his campaign that it dealt with suicide...eep.

The girl whose family were all dead is still living in that house. So Sam just tries to break in at first and gets caught. Oops. Then Dean tells her he's part of a neighborhood watch, a asks her to describe Sam. Her reply had me sniggering. "Pretty hair"? I'm sorry but she needs glasses. Sam's hair in most of this episode was purely atrocious IMO. Like someone threw a bowl on his head and cut around it. Lord, I hope they don't continue that awful 'do next season.

Wow, it's Benny. Or rather Dean hallucinating Benny in Purgatory. I guess in a way it makes sense, with the whole situation of Dean wanting to kill. Benny says he can just do it here and not have to wait. Trying to convince Dean to kill himself. Meanwhile, Sam finds out that they need blood for this spell and proceeds to bleed himself. He does enough so that Dean is finally free of the spell. But then Rowena insists that it needs all of his blood. Dean won't let undo it and gives some of his blood as well.

Rowena disappears. I guess I missed something, but was she part of this whole hallucination too? I know Dean was affected by what was let out, but I wasn't sure if Sam was too. Dean did tell Sam it's a trick. So wait, I thought Rowena saved Sam from being killed by Susie. When did she become part of the hallucination? Or was did the spell itself just make her disappear?

I'm wondering if Sam bleeding himself in order to cure Dean is foreshadowing in some way for the finale? And if Dean contributing some of the blood is part of that as well? Interesting (and nice of course) that Dean told Sam at the end that they are better together. I saw a theory that both boys may work together in the finale, but maybe something bad will be unleashed kind of like it was in the season 4 finale. I'd hate to think it would be more akin to the scene where Dean stabs Benny (meaning he'll stab Sam).

That's about all I got. I liked the boys' teamwork in the very end, curious to see what will happen now with making Rowena translate that thing, hated Sam's hair (except in the scene where he finds Dean having killed the vamps or whatever they were) lol. Next week's ep doesn't look like my cup of tea at all and that's all I'll say.
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