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SPN #10x20 Angel Heart (episode review)

Here are my thoughts, and apologies in advance if I sound overly negative about some things...

Okay, first of all, I still don't have any shits to give about Claire. She didn't seem as whiny to me as she did in her previous appearance, but her attitude still really annoyed me. I hope she's gone for good now. If Carver/the writers love her so much, give her a freaking spinoff already.

That said, Dean's indignant reaction when she didn't get the Caddyshack reference was good for a little laugh, I guess. Though the whole mini golf scene was a bit meh (and yeah, I know it was used as a plot device).

I actually felt bad for Amelia and, in a way, Jimmy. And now we've got another group of Angels. Ho hum. Not interested.

Dean is not happy about Sam wanting him to sit this one out after Cas spilled the beans about him being rough with that one guy. Is it me, though, or was too much of a big deal made about his behavior here? I know he slammed the guy's head into the table, but it's not like he beat him to a pulp or anything. The only way I could see this making sense is that Cas hadn't seen him be this rough yet with anyone. Sam on the other hand saw what he did to that nest of vamps in the last episode...though they were dealing with monsters whereas this guy is a regular human I dunno.

We can see the very different outlooks Sam and Dean have. While he was driving to the barn with Cas, Sam told him that he shouldn't abandon Claire after this. Dean told Cas the opposite, that she's stronger on her own. Is there a parallel here?

And I hate to bring it up, but I really hope that scene of Amelia sacrificing herself for Claire (though it was nice to see her reunited with Jimmy in Heaven) isn't foreshadowing for the finale. I'm specifically talking about the part where Claire holds her in her arms and cries "I'm sorry." I'm getting this scary image of Dean stabbing Sam, then holding his body and saying the same thing. *shudders* And then wondering just how the hell they'll get through that, Dean obviously with some gut-wrenching guilt and how Sam would be brought back...IF they bring him back (sorry I'm so cynical) and if so, is it going to be a freaking retread of season 6.

Ugh. So yeah, I still don't care about Claire, please don't bring her back. Though I was not expecting her to have that scene with Sam in the hotel room. When I saw the pics that were tweeted and read spoilers I assumed it would be just her with Dean & Cas the whole time. Oh and one other thing: Dean said that Cas saved the world. Um...maybe I'm remembering wrong, but what was he talking about? When/how did Cas save the world?
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