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SPN #10x21 Dark Dynasty (episode review)

Wow, lots of stuff in this episode. Here are my thoughts.

So this Stine family...infamous they are, both for all the bad things they're responsible for and their name. Which, by the way, was changed from Frankenstein. And Mary Shelly's book was actually pretty close to the truth. Hmm. That scene between the family in the beginning was a bit too drawn out for my tastes. I guess it was needed to introduce them but it seemed to take up a lot of time.

We can really see how desperate Sam is to save Dean from the Mark. When they played part of the Bobby voiceover during the recap, the part about it not being good going behind each other's backs, it kind of broke my heart. :( But that's what both of these boys have done time and again throughout the show...

I have to say the Charlie & Rowena bickering got a bit annoying. And does Crowley still have the freaking mommy issues?? The way he really wanted info on her whereabouts and was even consulting with the witch-made-hamster? I have to wonder though what was the name on that piece of paper that he wanted them to find.

Honestly, I knew Charlie was going to die based on the promo for this episode so yeah, it wasn't really a surprise to me. Though it looks like she emailed them the important info from the book before she destroyed her tablet. Is it me, or was it pretty stupid of her to just go off alone to that motel? I know she was gong nuts being there with Rowena, but Cas had moved her & it would have been better for someone to go with her if she needed fresh air. She knew the Stines were after the book, though I guess she didn't know they could find it via the curse or whatever it was.

Sam couldn't keep this whole thing a secret from Dean forever (it was a bit funny though when Cas called, expecting Sam to answer and just backtracked to Dean, lol). And eep, Dean is really pissed off. And Sam tries to defend it by saying that they all love him (in wanting to free him of the Mark).

Should I assume Dean's going to try and get revenge for Charlie's death, probably hunting down the Stine folks? Will that just feed the Mark even more and will Sam try and stop him? Guess we'll find out. Still creeped out just trying to speculate about the finale but I'll try not to think about it too much, lol

So yeah, things are really heating up.
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