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SPN #10x22 The Prisoner (episode review)

Okay, I hope these thoughts are somewhat coherent...

Holy crap, Dean is really scaring me now. :(

First a word about the Stynes. There is still a bit too much time spent on them for my liking. And did anyone see the parallels between the youngest boy and Sam? Like an anvil, they were. And that very reason is what scares me concerning Sam, based on what Dean said to the kid before he killed him. More on that later.

Poor Sam and his guilt over what happened to Charlie. I still say she was stupid to leave alone like that, and Cas shouldn't have left her alone either (and I'm glad he admitted that when he was talking to Sam later). And not only did Dean telling Sam "I'd rather it be you up there than her" really hurt, it scared me. It's so obvious this is the Mark talking.

I have to admit I rolled my eyes when they had the sappy music and the Charlie montage. I guess they had to appease all the Charlie fanatics who were weeping and screaming bloody murder on Tumblr & Twitter, though. I mean, they didn't even do that for Bobby when he died.

I figured Charlie had sent that email to Sam, and now they think they can crack the book's code and cure Dean. Sam was all ready to shut this down as Dean asked him to, but now he really can't. The way he is so devoted to saving Dean, mentioning how Dean always wanted to save him above everything else...aww, I want to hug you, Sam. But these things never go well for you guys. Also, Sam telling Dean about how he needs him and doesn't want him to change just broke my heart.

Dean finds the Stynes and kills them, except the youngest kid and the other two. I figured at the end of the last episode they'd come upon the bunker.

Rowena's plan for Sam to kill Crowley didn't go over so well, did it. I'm actually glad it wasn't that easy. Though I wonder what's going to happen with him now. I guess Dean could still try to kill him? And I suppose he'll really be at odds with Rowena again.

Dean kills the remaining Stynes in the bunker. Again, his killing of the youngest boy gave me chills, especially because of the parallels to Sam. He insisted to Dean he's not like his family but Dean said the evil would always be inside him. The kid pleads for his life, but Dean kills him anyway. I'm seriously worried that this is total, 100% foreshadowing of what he will do to Sam.

Cas arrives and insists that he and Sam are trying to cure Dean. Dean apparently believes there's no guarantee it will happen, or he doesn't want to believe. He tells Dean about how bad the Mark will be and he'll eventually turn, etc. Dean goes nuclear on Cas and holy shit, it looks like he's going to stab him. But no, he actually doesn't. He warns Cas that he & Sam better stay away from him.

And that's it.

I have no idea what to expect next week. I don't want to spoil, for anyone who hasn't seen the preview, but one element of it is interesting. The thing that scares me the most, again, is the possible foreshadowing of Dean killing Sam when he shot that kid. If this is what they are doing, I will scream bloody murder next week. Because to me, I don't see how the relationship between the brothers would ever be the same. If Dean is ever cured by the Mark's influence, he'd be so guilty for allowing himself (or someone else, and I say this based on someone I saw in the might be able to guess who) to kill Sam. I know, I know, if he dies he'll be back early next season, bla bla blah, but the whole "yay, Sam is back, but what's wrong with him?" meme is really getting old to me. Meh, I guess I've got no choice but to stop watching if this is the case. :/

Sorry if I sound overly negative...I guess I'm just not that optimistic. The one thing that did seem interesting to me is that it looked like Cain's prophesy was coming true. First we thought Crowley was gone (though not by Dean's hand, but by Sam's), but he wasn't. Then they wanted to make it look like Dean had stabbed Cas, but he didn't. Could this be a pattern? That even if Dean tries to kill Sam, or it seems as if he has, it ends up not being the case? Or are the writers actually not that smart (or was this just to fake us out till next week)? Still I don't see how Dean could just kill all 3 of them; I think that would be way too much. If one of them doesn't die it would mean Cain's prophesy wouldn't be fulfilled, right?

Dang, there I go trying to sound positive, lol. Trying so hard to lower my expectations...*sigh*
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