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SPN #10x23 Brother's Keeper (episode review)

Okay, um...

Holy shit, what a ride.

First I want to say that I'm SO glad that Dean didn't kill Sam. Those of you who told me you didn't think it would happen, you are free to tell me "I told you so" until your lips fall off, lol

All my thoughts here are in no particular order. Okay, first we see that Dean really cannot live with the Mark. He sees in his reflection in the motel mirror the images of battered Cas and Mister Throwaway Hunter Friend that he can't keep going like this. And yeah, it would have been nice if we'd had something having to do with Sam too (I don't know, maybe to do with the scene where he said he'd rather it was Sam on the pyre instead of Charlie), but I guess they were just going for physical beatings/death here.

Sam is still desperate as hell to save Dean. :/

Dean leaves Baby's keys for Sam with a note. Awwww, my heart.

Rowena says she doesn't actually love Crowley. Huh. And it turns out she's full of it when she says she doesn't love anything. Cas finds out it's a Polish boy she'd grown fond of, cured and apparently gave immortality to.

So I guess we are left to assume that Cas went nuts and killed Crowley? And that Rowena is now taking over hell?

Back to the boys...Dean summons Death and wants him to kill him. It was cool seeing Death again, Julian is awesome in that role. But Death reminds Dean that he can't be killed because of the Mark. He can remove it, but it has to go to someone else and he would send Dean far away.

But then he has to kill Sam? How exactly does that enter into it? Death said Sam stood him up, I guess back in the S9 premiere, so I guess he's still sore from that...

Dean broke my heart with all he was saying to Sam in that scene, about how how they're both evil or bad or whatever it was and the world is better without them. I guess in a way he could have a point if you think about their weaknesses being each other.

But Sam. OH Sam. The way he tries to convince Dean that he's not bad, that they're good. Dean says he has no choice, though. Death hands Dean his scythe and tells him to reap Sam, or he'll do it.

Sam tearfully gives Dean the old pictures and tells him to look back on them. Dean tells Sam to close his eyes and my heart breaks. :( But it seems that Sam got through to Dean in a similar way to how Dean did to him back in Swan Song.

And then Dean turns around and kills Death! Holy crap. Jensen wasn't kidding when he said at one of the recent cons that he didn't know how the writers would get out of that one. And I guess he was the "someone dies" that they were all talking about. Aw. I will miss Death, though. Is it really possible to kill Death?

But then the Darkness that Death spoke of shows up. The boys get in the car but manage to get stuck as the Darkness advances on them and....

We fade to black. And are left to agonize what's going to happen to them over the hiatus.

So, wow, this was kind of an emotional roller coaster for me. When it looked like Sam would be killed I was literally shouting "Nooooo!" at the TV. Surprised I didn't scare my dogs, lol. But yeah, it is an interesting question of what's going to happen without Death. Are there going to be lots of walking dead hanging around next season? And what happened with Cas and Crowley? I'm assuming Rowena had them under a spell, Cas just went nuts and stabbed Crowley? Did he actually kill him?

I wonder if the Darkness is going to be part of the Big Bad next season, or will it just be the condition of things, kind of like the Apocalypse was during season 5, and maybe Rowena will be the Big Bad? And Metatron is supposedly still out there, too. Hmm, many things to ponder.

And what of Sam and Dean? I am hoping they didn't get swallowed up/killed by the Darkness. The way this finale ended reminded me of the season 4 one when Lucifer was rising. I was glad that it was both of them on the same page facing something together at the very end. It did seem a bit too easy the way the Mark was just taken away from Dean. I know it was from the spell, but still. Meh, I won't try to overthink it.
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