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Con Update and Movies for SG-1?

Well I finally found out where I'm sitting at the con. I got an invoice in my email and my seat is P13. Not sure how good that is... hopefully the letters go all the way to Z so I'm not in the last row of reserved seats, lol. I spoke to someone from the Daniel/MS thread at GW who's also going and she said that it's not a bad seat - pretty much in the middle and the bad seats are the ones on the sides because you can't get good pics that way. So, hopefully my seat isn't too bad.

Just a warning to anyone else going - I'm making a t-shirt to wear there and it says on it "Authentic S/D Rebel." Hopefully there won't be too many S/J shippers taking offense to it. It's just meant in good fun and to be honest it's more of a rebellion against the Vaniel people! In the group of people I'm supposed to meet there, I believe there will be at least one Vaniel fan - and we all know how popular Vaniel is (rolls eyes) so... and if they take offense, well too bad. It's not like the shirt says "S/D rules and all other fans can go to hell" or anyting like that.

There's a new article up on GW that says there will be SG-1 movies coming to DVD, at least two of them. Follow the cut for more info (may be spoilers).

Apparently the first will be about the Ori and tying up loose ends from S10. Ho hum. The second one may be a time travel one and they may be released next year. I noticed that Rob Cooper will be writing both, and that leaves me kind of discouraged. I think he is a big shipper and I think we can guess which ship he likes. That said, if he is writing these movies, I think they could be a disaster. He doesn't seem interested in the people element anymore - the friendship element. Just interested in blowing things up, and maybe some large doses of Vaniel thrown in for good measure. Maybe I am being too cynical, too pessimistic, whatever, but I strongly doubt that we will see any good team moments in these two movies... and especially NO Sam/Daniel, Daniel/Teal'c, or Sam/Teal'c friendship. I so wish they could bring back some of the writers they had in the early seasons. Oh yeah, and bring back the Air Force advisor, because the USAF does frown upon romantic relationships between teammates and as far as Vaniel is concerned, TPTB do not seem to understand that.

Anyway they do not know yet if SciFi will air the movies first but if they don't, I won't buy these DVDs until I read some reviews on them and ask those who have seen them how they are. If they're going to be All Vaniel All the Time and no friendship between the original three, forget it. Sorry if I sound ungrateful to the fandom or anything, but I keep thinking that they'll stick to this disastrous recipe.

Okay, I will shut up about that now.
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