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SPN #11x01 Out of the Darkness, Into the Fire (episode review)

Here are some of my thoughts on this episode...

On the whole, I liked it. Maybe it was because I had set my expectations very low after last year (and season 9).

We open our "Then" with "Run Through the Jungle" by CCR. Throwback in a way to season 3! That song was used in Sin City, wasn't it?

I'm confused as to how Dean supposedly got out of Baby and had that conversation with The Darkness lady. Was he somehow ejected from the car? Sam appeared to have been knocked unconscious and remained in the car, but suddenly Dean is standing outside and facing her? Did I miss something?And how did she have the Mark of Cain? If Dean no longer has it, how is he connected to her? Unless...that spell Sam and Rowena did somehow transferred it to her?

Speaking of Sam, you knew I wasn't going to end this review without mentioning this, lol... Boy is lookin' GOOD. Guh, I don't know what the Darkness did to his hair, but I am very thankful. ;) That hair flying in the wind as he was running through the field to get to Dean (and in the hospital later)... *is mesmerized*

So Cas is kinda like Vamp!Cas thanks to Rowena's spell. Looks as if he won't be working with the Winchester's for a while. Though I wonder what he knows about this Darkness. I admit I groaned when those other angels showed up, but luckily that whole thing didn't last long. Just hope it won't be a huge part of this season.

Crowley had a woman meat suit for a while. Hmm. Yeah, that's about all I have to say about that. Lol. His henchmen later tell him that half of Hell is freaking out over the Darkness. Hmm, mention of Michael and Lucifer too...

Some of the spoilery articles mentioned that this ep could be kinda like the Walking Dead, and I guess I can see that a bit. Just one word about the female cop. Is it me, or did she seem a little...young? To me she looked like she could barely be in her very early 20s. Anyway, this whole situation reminded me of Croatoan a bit, especially the way Dean wanted to go out and fight off those people about to change. We can see his very narrow focus in the way he wants to save the baby. Sam wants to find a cure to help all those people. He asks Dean what happened to the two of them, and that they have to change. Aww, Sammy. <3 Of course he takes responsibility for unleashing the Darkness. And yeah, I know Dean agreed with that, but he did mention that he took on the Mark and I liked how they both emphasized that they both are responsible for this. Did anyone catch Dean's comment about the key and the lock?

Anyway, nice to see selfless Sammy staying behind so Dean can get the girl and the baby out safe, but oh noes, he looks like he's infected now. :( I really hope he will find a cure somehow. The thing that puzzles me is when those people were going to attack him in the storeroom and he told them he wants to help them...why did they suddenly back away? Did they somehow sense that he was infected so they'd just back off? Or could it be something else?

Finally we see that the baby also has the Mark. So this baby is somehow connected to the Darkness lady too?

So much to digest, but again I thought this was a good opener. Nice to see the boys together for once and more on the same page. I definitely liked it more than last year's, maybe even season 9's.
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