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So what's this I'm hearing about the Pond?

Okay I've been looking around on my f-list and seems that people don't like the fact that some of us are leaving? They are trying to revitalize the thread?  I'm so confused on this whole thing.

I haven't been at GW for about 2 days now, between the server problems and preparing for this interview tomorrow (still a nervous nellie about that...*sigh*) so I don't have much of an idea of what's going on. 

I've said that I may pop in here and there, but my participation is going to be *very* limited, especially with all I have on my plate right now.  I hope that no one over there is mad that I and others have left the thread.  We have our own opinions and if we want to leave then we just should.  Since joining GW 2 years ago, I've seen hussies come and go... many that I enjoyed seeing had up and left....  Kerri, Seshat, Erin, Blingy, Jilly, and a few others whose names escape me at the moment.  I felt bad to see them go, but if they weren't enjoying themselves then why should they subject themselves to it.

I have met some very nice people over there - many of whom I still talk to here on LJ but some whom I wouldn't be able to talk to were it not for GW. 

And to be totally honest this is one of the things that irks me.  The picspams aren't necessarily my biggest beef - it's that the SAME TYPES of pics are repeated over and over.  Whether to conform to the themes of the days or just as a "it if feels good do it" type of thing.  For example there have been times that I wondered if I'd stumbled upon the D/V thread instead of the MS/DJ thread. And yes I know that since Vala is a team member and friend of Daniel's that she should be featured also, but let's also feature Jack, Sam, Teal'c, Cam, Janet, Sha're, etc. etc.  Let's not favor one character/pairing over another.  Things used to be more balanced in the Pond back when I first joined (maybe 1 exception here and there but nothing earth shattering).  I feel it's gotten away from that a bit. I'm not trying to blame anyone in particular but it's just one thing that makes it not as fun for me.

Added to that are things I've mentioned before about some of the newcomers. I know things change over time but there's no point to staying or spending much time there if it's no longer fun.

And I think this is the second post I've made on this so sorry I'm wasting bandwidth here.  I just felt compelled to post again after what I've been hearing about people at the Pond seeming annoyed that people are leaving and wishing to revitalize it, etc. 
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