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SPN #11x03 The Bad Seed (episode review)

I'm partially under the influence of sinus meds, so I hope this makes some sense...

First I want to say that I think Jensen did a great job directing this one. He has a nice style and I especially love some of the nice closeups he gave us of Sam (you all knew I was going to say that, lol). Speaking of which, Sam's hair is still looking awesome. :D

Nice to see Rowena again, poor thing not getting that "mega coven" off the ground, lol. Though the one thing she revealed that kind of made me groan: apparently Sam hadn't told Dean about the deal he made with her that involved killing Crowley. Honestly, I'd almost forgotten about that but I groaned over them rehashing the whole "there they go with the whole 'they're hiding things from each other again'" thing. Though it seems they just made that one little mention of it. I wonder if it will ever be revisited? I just don't want them to go back to that whole thing, tired of seeing it now. On the other hand, now that Rowena knows Crowley is alive, I guess she'll be back to gunning for him again?

Amara is a real little hellion (no pun intended). Crowley's taking her under his wing was kinda creepy, but also kinda amusing in their interactions. Of course I wonder what he's going to do now with her in her more matured state. Guess we will see.

And finally...Cas. Vamp!Cas? Does being under a Rowena spell give you feverish chills? I'm referring to the fact that he had a blanket, lol. The one thing that did amuse me was Sam referring to his pimp-mobile as a crappy car, and then his expression when Cas asked if it was crappy. Apart from that...the whole part with him hulking around going after the girl in the alley reminded me of vamped out Gordon back in season 3. All his Frankenstein movements and grunting (I was almost waiting for him to yell "FIRE BAD!") was pretty ridiculous. At least we don't have to see it anymore now that Rowena cured him. LOL

Next week's ep, without spoiling, looks kinda fun.
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