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28 October 2015 @ 10:17 pm
SPN #11x04 Baby (episode review)  
Sorry for being a bit brief, but I'm exhausted and heading right to bed after this...

Wow. They definitely haven't done anything like this before. To be honest? I enjoyed it. There was some great brotherly goodness. Sam doing research on his laptop, "bitch" and "jerk", some good old back-and-forth banter, even some classic rock. Some of the stuff I'd really been missing from the show, and none of the annoying angels crap. It even wasn't so heavy on the myth arc stuff, and by that I mean not a lot involving the demons/Crowley/Rowena. Felt more like an old school type of episode.

I thought Dean's phone convo with Cas (when the monster guy was tackling him) seemed to drag on a bit much but maybe that's just me. I did LOL after Dean chopped the guy's head off and then whacked it off the windshield with the wipers.

The stupid girl working at the steakhouse who took off with Baby...geez, idiot. But wouldn't the boys have seen her speeding away like that? Or was it too hard to tell from that vantage? They didn't seem to bat an eyelash when she came back.

Yay for the car-washing scene in the beginning, though it would've been nice to see them shirtless ;)

And then Sam's dream/vision or whatever featuring John (Matt Cohen as young John...I wasn't that surprised, I could tell it was him based on one of the promo videos for this episode). I'm with Sam, what was that about? Who was giving him this vision, and saying he and Dean are the only ones who can stop the darkness? And especially that "God helps those who help themselves" quote? Might we learn more about this later?

Oh and one last thing...Sam with that waitress! Hee...bout time we see him getting some lovin' ;)

So yeah, initial reaction is that I really liked it. Nice little break from all the really heavy stuff I'm guessing we'll expect at some point. Next week's ep looks interesting too, especially since it's a subject I'm very familiar with.
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Yellowbulma: Cow Boy Samyellowbulma on October 30th, 2015 09:02 pm (UTC)
Loved the episode it was just like old school spn. Which is going to make it that much harder to go back to Carvers back and forth between Sam/Dean scenes and shitty side characters. Fingers crossed Carver and his team see how much fans enjoyed this ep and actual go back to how the show was.

One of the main things I have been looking forward to in S11 was Sam's visions/dreams. So I was so fucking thrilled when the Sam (not)John scene happened. I would like to think it was God reaching out to Sam. As Sam as always prayed and believed in angel's etc etc. Though I actual think it was Lucifer when (not)John made that "I could never fool you." comment.

Also Matt did a great job but it would have been so awesome if JDM came back instead.
jessm78: Supernatural: Puppy TX Ranger (6x18)jessm78 on October 30th, 2015 09:14 pm (UTC)
Yes, exactly! I don't think anything can top this so far this season and you're right, it is going to be hard once we go back to that formula with all the different threads in each ep (Sam/Dean and all that other stuff :P). I heard the ratings were very good for this ep, would be nice for Carver & company to see that this is what fans really want (not that they have a good track record of following through but still, fingers crossed).

I've been looking forward to that too. I actually wasn't expecting that scene at all, it was really awesome. I did see what appeared to be young John in one of the promos, but I wasn't sure what it was about and if I was just seeing things. I'd like to think it was God reaching out too, though I think you could be right in that it was Lucifer. Especially about his quote "God helps those who help themselves"... kind of doesn't sound like something God would say, so it could be Lucifer.

I agree! I keep hoping JDM will come back at some point before the show ends.