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Supernatural #3.09 Malleus Maleficarum (episode review)

Will be doing my SGA review tomorrow as I'll probably be hitting the hay right after it's over tonight (still feeling sick...*cough cough*).

But here are my thoughts on last night's Supernatural.  In no particular order...

Who says Supernatural isn't getting gorier this season? A poor girl losing her teeth, a guy finding an unpleasant surprise in his sandwich?

This was the "witches" episode, although the "witches" in this episode had unwittingly sold their souls to a demon pretending to be a witch. Or, something like that.  In the process we learn more about Ruby and her purpose on the show.

Dean and rabbits. Hee.  The scene where he and Sam are investigating the now-deceased "witch" Amanda and Dean sees the rabbit carcass hanging up.  The way he says it's like Fatal Attraction all over again, and it's always the rabbit that gets it... "poor little guys."  Heh.

Sam's change of attitude is brought up again when he says they have to get rid of the "witches."  That scene between him and Dean in the motel room was almost heart-wrenching to me.  When Dean tells him that he shouldn't be acting this way, that they should be riding in the car and arguing and Sam arguing over the sanctity of life, Sam says something like "you're mad because I'm agreeing with you?" Dean says he isn't mad, but he's concerned.  Sam finally reveals the reason he's acting this way - because he'll be stuck in this "crappy world" fighting this fight alone, so he has to be just like Dean.  Dean seemed - on one hand, almost proud that his brother was going to take charge of this fight but on the other hand, maybe a bit guilty that he was going to be leaving him.

And finally, Ruby.  I wasn't crazy about her in the first two eps of this season, but for the most part I thought she came off pretty well in this episode. It was interesting finding out more info on her character - had supposedly been a witch when she was human, died and had gone to Hell, and then turned into a demon.  It was a bit chilling when she told Dean that this is what would eventually happen to him after he ends up in Hell.  It seemed to give Dean some real pause there as well.  I'd like to believe she was lying when she told him there was no way he could avoid it (being sent there).  Also interesting the way she asked him to help her get Sam ready for this war.

Guess we'll see what happens.

Next week's ep - Dream a Little Dream of Me - looks pretty interesting as well.  See a preview clip for it here.
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