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SPN #11x05 Thin Lizzie (episode review)

Here are my thoughts on this episode...

First of all, when I first heard what this episode was going to be about, I squeed. I mean, having roots in Massachusetts and knowing about the whole Lizzie Borden story, I thought it was cool they were doing an episode surrounding this. I do have to admit though that I was a bit disappointed that it wasn't really an episode about ghosts/vengeful spirits. I know they kinda had to involve the darkness/Amara in a way and that's how they chose to do it, but... Still, I was kinda hoping for a good old ghost episode. Just being nostalgic after last week, I guess.

That said, this episode did have a lot of moments I enjoyed: Research!Sam, with some Geek!Sam tied into that and Dean kinda teasing him, the boys checking into the B&B (almost thought for a second there'd be a joke about them sharing the one room as in previous eps like Playthings, but I guess they thought it'd been done before, lol), brotherly banter in the room with Dean complaining abut the doilies and Sam spraying the toilet water, lol...good stuff, made me think of the old days. :)

Have to admit that superfan guy Len reminded me of that loser character back from Wishful Thinking back in season 4...the one played by Ted Raimi...I think he even had a similar name, lol. When Sam told him that once your soul is gone, you can't get it back I was like "wait, what??" Sam wasn't being truthful, though thinking of the situation I guess he was saying it in part to shut the guy up since he was getting on both their nerves at the time?

Amara is still a creepy bitch. It's sad the situation the babysitter girl was in, but Amara basically turned her into a sociopath. Len had his soul stolen away by her, but he seemed to be a different case. Are there...degrees of soullessness? Maybe it depends on the person's emotional state in a way? I did like seeing how Sam rushed up right when babysitter girl struck Dean. I also noticed that at first Dean said something about killing these people and Sam said they would try to save them. Then when Len told Dean he could kill him in the end, Dean wouldn't do it. So instead Len would turn himself in.

Did anyone else think that the boy (Geordie?) looked like a mini Sam with the hair and clothes? :) I loved Sam's little talk with him, sympathizing with him over losing parents and telling him he would be okay.

Speaking of talks...broment against the Impala!! *squeee* :D (and with food, too!) Do you think Dean was completely honest with Sam about how he felt when he first interacted with Amara? I have to go back and watch that scene again. Then they get into the car with that little "Brothers theme" music. Ah, another shoutout to days of yore. ;)

So I did like this episode, even though I was slightly disappointed that it wasn't really a true ghost story type thing. I still liked it better than episode 3 and again it did still have some of that old school feel. As for the preview for the next episode, well I won't get into that but I think I could make a whole rant about it. *sigh*
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