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SPN #11x06 Our Little World (episode review)

Here are my thoughts on this one. Apologies in advance if they aren't very glowing...

After a couple of good eps (the first undoubtedly the best of them) we're back to a-b-c plot land. Wheee. Oh, sure, they do eventually converge, at least a (the Winchesters) and b (Amara and "Daddy" Crowley), but I still find it rather annoying.

And I have to say this now to get it off my chest. Amara is God's sister??? Am I the only one who finds that to be...well, frankly...rather whacked? So she's supposed to be the evil sister that God banished/sacrificed in the name of Creation or whatever? IDK, this sounds really weird. I guess they're using it to explain why she's so powerful? And again, what of her connection with Dean? He seemed all ready to kill her, but in the end was unable to.

And I'm sorry but the Cas stuff was rather stupid...watching Jenny Jones and all that other stuff. Metatron is still an asshole, and I really couldn't bring myself to be very interested in their scenes together. The only thing that seemed important to the plot was his reveal about Amara, which again seems like weirded out BS to me.

Honestly, the best thing to me in this episode was Sam's hair, LOL... And his kicking some demon ass. Though what was up with those visions? Looked like that was Lucifer's cage. I really wonder why/how these visions are coming into play now? Is someone/thing trying to reach out to him, either Lucifer or even Michael? This is something that intrigues me and I hope we'll learn more soon. Only complaint about Sam was that I found his insistence to Dean that they call Cas and get him back on the case a little unconvincing...but they had to do it to advance the story I guess, so....whatever...

Sorry, I wish I could have been more positive about this, but I've never been a fan of episodes with multiple threads like this. And I still can't wrap my head around the Amara reveal. Maybe my opinions will change if I give it another watch....
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