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SGA #4.15 Outcast (episode review)

Bleh... still feeling crappy but I did take notes last night as I was watching (as odd as that sounds, lol - hey I was afraid I wouldn't remember everything).  So FWIW, here's my little review thingy.

So, let's see....

This ep was mostly John and Ronon.  A wee bit of Sam at the beginning, a wee bit of Rodney, some Dr. Lee, and that's about it for our regulars/semi-regulars.  Not that I'm complaining a whole lot or anything...  It was nice to see a bit more John and Ronon interaction, even the parts on a friendship level.

Hmm, the Rodney/John scene at the beginning was a wee bit...awkward? Though nice that Rodney would have liked to go with him. 

So this episode was based on a concept by JF? Wow... would love to see the story behind that. :) I have to say that this ep reminded me a lot of the NID/Trust conspiracy stories that SG-1 used to do... and maybe just a sprinkling of Prototype and/or Ex Deus Machina too (at least for the "replicator on the loose" parts).  I just got that feeling.

So, Ava the mysterious girl looking at the pics of John in the teaser... she supposedly worked for Wallace (from Miller's Crossing)?

Okay now this may sound weird, but the conversation between John and his brother (after the wake) reminded me of Dean and Sam from Supernatural.  The whole "I took care of Dad [or I was with dad] while you went off and did whatever" thing, not to mention the part where John's brother told him their father would talk about John as if he was proud of him - or something like that.  I got a bit of a Supernatural vibe there and I found it kind of funny.

John's encounter with his ex-wife in Washington D.C. reminded me of Sam meeting Barrett in SG-1's "Smoke & Mirrors." 

Ava is a replicator.  I might be a tad bit slow (maybe it's the stupid sinus infection....ugh), but I did not see that one coming.  I thought something was just a bit "off" about her the whole time, but it didn't really dawn on me that she could be a replicator.  Yeah, I blame the sinus infection... clouding my brain. Heh...

And speaking of which, did anyone else get a sort of Blade Runner vibe from that part? Ava reminded me of Rachel the replicant from that movie... as a replicator who has a consciousness or emotions, who ended up saving John from that rogue replicator that the doctor guy (Poole?) created.  I thought it was an interesting connection.

Dr. Lee seemed to offer just a bit more than comic relief in this ep, which was nice to see (though his first scene where he was in the Hawaiian shirt and belyaching about not being on vacation made me giggle a little).

So that's about it for my thoughts on this ep.  I probably would have gone further into depth, but my brain is still addled with sinus meds so I'm not thinking all too clearly, heh heh.
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