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02 December 2015 @ 10:38 pm
SPN #11x08 Just My Imagination (episode review)  
My thoughts on this episode...

Noooooooooo! Sam, don't go back in the cage!!!!

Ahem...now that I got that out of the way (though I will come back to it)...

The whole thing about these imaginary friends being actual mythical creatures...what were they called, sannas?...was an interesting premise, especially in the way they can make people see them. Though in the beginning I found it kind of tough to take them seriously. My mom who was also watching the show thought it was dumb and I think tuned out about halfway through. C'est la vie... But anyway, I think one of the highlights for me was the very beginning with Sam dressed in *one layer* with some yummy, tousled hair :D

Oh, and i thought the mom of the girl with Sparkle as the imaginary friend looked familiar. Turned out she played that realtor who was killed by all the spiders in the shower back in season 1's Bugs.

When I first read about this episode, people were saying that "oh, they're gonna show Dean as a mean bastard and that's why Sam needed an imaginary friend." But to be honest, it didn't really end up being that way to me. In the flashbacks, we see Dean talking on the phone to Sam and telling him he couldn't come along on the hunt, but Dean tried. Sounds like it was mainly John's say so. Yeah, Dean did rag on him a bit for having an imaginary friend, but it didn't seem malicious to me, just typical older brother stuff (and before you accuse me of being an Evil Dean Girl, reminder that I have always been more of a Sam girl even though I generally describe myself as bi-bro).

Speaking of the flashbacks, am I the only one who found it a bit hard to see that kid as young Sam? I mean, the shape of his eyes was pretty accurate and so was his build, but the hair? Young Sam usually had shaggier hair with bangs. Does this flashback take place after the one in AVSC? Even so, young Sam had shaggier hair in After School Special. I know Colin is too old to play him now, but still...the hair. Lol. I've read Wee!Chester fics about John cutting both boys' hair and often giving Sam shorter haircuts, so maybe in that respect it could work (hmm, fanon makes it into the show?). But still...

And did anyone else think it seemed a bit OOC for young Sam to suddenly up and decide to tell Sully to get lost when he was finally allowed on a hunt with Dean and John? I mean, earlier we see him talking about running away from hunting and then he does a 180. Was it just a seed in his head that sprouted forth every now and then? I mean, it does sort of foreshadow Sam deciding to leave and go to school later on. But for now we really see him being gung-ho about hunting. It brings to mind what Sam told Dean back in Fresh Blood, about how he was always following Dean around and trying to be like him. So yeah, I guess in a way it wasn't so OOC. I guess what got me is how sudden it seemed.

Sam and Dean as Bert and Ernie. Lol.

Okay, going back to Sam's visions... So he thinks God is telling him to get back into the cage with Lucifer? Again, are we really sure it's God who is sending him these visions? Could it actually be Lucifer? And of course we see that Dean doesn't want to talk about it and says there's another way. Honestly, that would be great. And I'm not trying to take anything away from Sam. I'd like to see him be a hero. But is anyone else getting flashbacks to season 5? Here we see Sam blaming himself for letting the Darkness out (even though Dean had a hand in that, too, and this was stated earlier on). Back in season 5, he blamed himself for letting Lucifer free. At the end of season 5, he said yes to Lucifer and jumped into the pit (and therefore was locked on the cage) to save the world. At the end of this season, he could lock himself in the cage to save the world from the Darkness? And he'd promise Dean not to save him as he did in Swan Song, and then somehow come back without a soul.

Maybe I'm getting waaaaaay ahead of myself here, but if this happens I think I'll be extremely pissed. I really don't want a carbon copy of season 5 because then it's all just too predictable to me. If it happened I'd think this would be the last season, because how on earth would Sam come back from that? Spending a whole season (12) with him as a ghost or whatever trying to contact Dean isn't what I'd want to see. I know, I know, "it's Sam's turn to die," and I know they always manage to come back, but what about what the reaper told Sam at the beginning of the season, that if they die they can't come back? I don't know, I'm not getting a good feeling about this. I hope I'll be proved wrong though.

I thought Richard did a good job directing. I still have to process this one, but there were some good moments.
percysownerpercysowner on December 3rd, 2015 12:41 pm (UTC)
I think Sam was less interested in hunting, per se and more wanted to be part of the family. He'd just found out that he had been lied to for years about John's job and the basis of their lives. Now, he's being told that he's still not good enough to be part of the Winchester special club where we save people. He's still the outsider. Because it's clear that Dean started going with Dad on hunts when he was younger than Sam, then the reason Sam is being left out is because he's "too young" emotionally and not good enough to be a real Winchester. So he "puts away childish things", Sully, and goes to be a Winchester man.

Now to be fair, since Sam hasn't hunted, he has no real idea what he is getting into. Dean made it sound heroic and exciting and dangerous. But Sam hasn't seen something die or killed something or seen people torn to pieces by something. Kids often want to do something adult only to discover they hate the reality of what they previously glamorized.

Finally, because he's a kid, Sam can't see that once John sees Sam as a hunting resource, he will use Sam as a hunting resource. Sam is committing himself to a life that he really doesn't understand. We can infer that Sam quickly found out he didn't like the violence of hunting because in The Girl Next Door, Sam is left to research, indicating that he moved away from liking the process of hunting, but still was part of the Winchester Way by becoming research guy.

To me it wasn't a choice between Sully and hunting, it was a choice between Sully and being part of his family. Family won, although eventually wanting to go to college won and then lost as Sam's life caught up with him.
jessm78: Jared Padalecki: kissing on 11x03 setjessm78 on December 3rd, 2015 06:44 pm (UTC)
Can I just say... *applauds* Seriously, that is a very good way of thinking of it, and something I really hadn't even thought of right after I watched it. But it makes a lot of sense and kind of fits in with what we saw in the Girl Next Door flashbacks. Thank you for bringing up that it was a choice between Sully and family. I think that really is at the heart of it.

This makes so much sense, so... thanks :)