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SPN #11x09 O Brother Where Art Thou? (episode review)

Here are some of my thoughts on this episode on first viewing...I hope these make sense...


Now that I've got that out...heh...

I was preparing to roll my eyes as soon as I saw the angels back, although they didn't annoy me as much as I expected them to...they're all uniting against Amara, blah blah blah...but of course she's now a bigger force than they can take on. So they were preparing to smite her at the is that gonna turn out?

Dean still thinks it's a horrible idea for Sam to go into the Cage and talk to Lucifer, even though Sam insists that God is giving him these visions and telling him to do it. Okay I have to say that even the first time he said this, I started having doubts that it was God telling him this. I wondered if it could actually have been Lucifer. And wow, I was right. It really wasn't all that much of a surprise to me, really. I had a feeling that Sam would end up duped. And yeah, I really felt so bad for him because he SO BELIEVED that this was God telling him to do this, that it would be a way to make things right.

Speaking of Lucifer, it was good to see Mark P again, although would Lucifer still have that meat suit? I mean, Nick basically disintegrated back in season 5. And yeah, I know he looked that way in season 7, but I assumed that would have worked because he was essentially a hallucination back then, sort of the way Sam was used to seeing him. Are we just supposed to handwave it again? Meh, maybe I'm just being too picky.

I'm assuming it wasn't a good idea to trust Rowena as much as they should have, either. Did she have a hand in tricking them with the trap or whatever for Lucifer not holding at the end there? Crowley seemed surprised by it, but she didn't seem to bat an eyelash as she hurried the two of them away.

I did like the fact though that Dean insisted in bargaining with her to ensure Sam's safety (another reason I believe she wasn't totally honest). As for Dean and Amara, geez that's some hold she's got on him. He was actually able to sense her presence? And that Gee. Gotta say that even after that I was glad he didn't seem to totally buy what she was selling. And then taking out the blade and trying to kill her...oh Dean...yeah, that wasn't gonna work. And now he ends up back from whence he came. I wonder when he'll try to figure out what's happening with Sam?

Back to Sam, I spent a good part of this episode wanting to give him such a big hug. I mean, he was trying to get Dean on the phone before they descended into Hell to the Cage (and Dean doesn't answer since that b!tch has him under her spell...*sigh*). You could tell he was really uneasy about doing this. And I was almost worried that he'd agree to be Lucifer's vessel...notice I said almost, lol. I thought he'd have to be stupid to go down that road again, but nope, our Sammy refused to do that.

So what happens now with Sam stuck in the Cage? I assume he's going to get out somehow, because...well, I just do...and I won't say anymore for fear of spoiling those who wish to remain unspoiled. ;) But still, even if he does, is it possible that Lucifer could somehow "hitch a ride"? I'd kinda hope not, after that whole annoying (IMO anyway) Ezekiel/Gadreel thing 2 seasons ago. And is it possible that this will be revisited at the end of the season with yet another Swan Song? Personally I really hope not and I guess I'm getting way ahead of myself so I'll be quiet about that now.

No more new SPN for over a month, gah!! Guess I'll rewatch the first half till then.
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