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SPN #11x10 The Devil in the Details (episode review)

Wow, so much to say about this one...

I KNEW IT! I knew it I knew it I knew it!!

Heh, more on this later...

the Rowena dream with Crowley on Christmas morning getting a Funko Pop! Sam cracked me up...and Santa turns out to be Lucifer, of course. Yep. She's got a major crush on Luci, heh...

Dean feeling out of it and wanting to puke as he's driving along...this is called Smiting Sickness? Am I the only one who finds that kinda......lame? He tries to reach Sam on the phone and then goes to look for him at the Bunker (and we get a couple of nice "Sammy"s). Um, did I miss something? Why would Dean be looking for him there? Didn't he know Sam had gone down to Purgatory or Hell or whatever it was (sorry, I didn't get to rewatch the last episode in a while)? Or was he so disoriented from what Amara did that he forgot, or maybe he just assumed everything had gone according to plan & that Sam was back in the Bunker? I must have missed something from the last episode.

Luci takes Sam for a stroll down memory lane. We see him as a teenager (was this when he was at Stamford or earlier?) with a girl, we see him at Stull Cemetery during the events of Swan Song (broke my heart all over again...and Luci has the nerve to tell Sam he's gone soft...*snort*) and them we see him with...oh how bad is it that I forgot her name? Gah...the girl from season 8 whom he was with when Dean was in Purgatory. Luci calls him out on not looking for Dean back then (and yeah, I still have a beef with the writers for that). Sam tells him that he and Dean promised each other they wouldn't try to bring each other back.

Anyway, Luci is a real bastard, trying to wear Sam down so he'll say yes. But he wouldn't. I was so proud of him. First he tells Luci he knows how this will end, that his brother will kick Luci's ass. Luci: "You're betting on Dean?" Sam: "I always have." Aw. :)

The scene with Cas and that angel girl just made me roll my eyes. I found her way of speaking rather annoying, lol. But the way she kept telling him that the two of them are expendable I think may have played a part in what ended up happening in the end. I knew Amara couldn't be dead. That would be too easy, and way too soon if she's supposed to be the Big Bad (though it seems that there are now two...hmmm).

Dean meets Billie the reaper. And she tells him the same thing she told Sam, that she'd make sure that when they die, they won't come back. Eep. :/ Dean descends into Hell to save Sam. He meets Crowley and they plot to trap Rowena, who, yes, is working for Luci.

Back to Sam, I love what he said to Luci. Luci kept trying to wear him down, giving him a way to defeat the Darkness, but it would mean that he'd be topside and in charge. Sam will have nine of it. He tells Luci he won't be his bitch. Rowena meanwhile is working on a spell to lock Luci back in the cage, but it's all moot if someone says yes to him. Cas also shows up (with words Amara burned into him..."I am coming"??) and the two of them end up in the cage with Sam, who's now being beat up by Luci. Luci grabs Dean and tells Sam to say yes or he'll kill Dean. Oh, crap. But then Cas knocks him out and the spell is cast, locking Luci back in...or so it appears.

Cas is acting a bit off once they're topside and stays behind. I knew something was up with him. Dean and Sam drive off and Sam asks what if Luci was telling the truth. Dean insists that he and the Darkness would be a nightmare.

So it turns out Cas is Luci's vessel! I knew it! I admitted I read spoilers that said he'd make some big sacrifice, so it made me wonder if this was it. Then thinking back to what the angel girl told him about being expendable, it almost makes me wonder if that played a part (though I guess one of the obvious reasons everyone will give is that he did it to save Dean's life...). I guess Rowena is dead now? And this makes me wonder what will happen in the rest of the season with Luci!Cas, leading up to the finale. And fear for our boys. *shudder* Getting way too ahead of myself, though.
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