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SPN #11x12 Don't You Forget About Me (episode review)

Apologies in advance if this review isn't particularly glowing...

This episode was one big MEH. Not even the beauty that is Sam and Dean could save it for me.

Seriously, I wanted to throttle Claire throughout this episode. I literally yelled "Shut up!" practically every time she talked. "I don't wanna go to school." Yeah, I don't care about your stupid, defiant teenage angst crap. I was glad Dean ripped into her for acting like such a little bitch toward Jody. Speaking of which, although I usually like Jody a lot, she was barely a supporting character in this. It was all Claire and Alex and their angst. Can we ship them off to a spin-off now? Alex didn't grate on me quite as much as Claire did, though the whole thing about her walking away from the janitor guy in the flashback, leaving the vamps to get him (and his whole story about killing his wife & kid) did not win her any points with me. Granted, it's been ages since I watched her S9 episode so maybe I'd view it differently, but still.

Oh yeah, and I had the boyfriend pegged almost from the very least from that scene with the two of them in the woods. What a sucky character he was.

The few little things I did like... The brother banter at the beginning, with Dean all excited about the Elvis burger, and even Sam's talk with Claire. She seemed like such an annoying Mary Sue with her insistence on going hunting, and Sam trying to convince her that the life isn't everything. Oh yeah, and also Sam and Dean's reaction to Jody's cooking (plus Sam practically gushing to Dean at the end about the leftovers Jody gave them - hee!).

But the other stuff? The girls talking at dinner was so awkward and cringeworthy, I was cringing right along with Sam and Dean. And how bad is it that I was so annoyed at Claire, when it looked like Vamp!Janitor (who incidentally also played Pride in the S3 episode The Magnificent 7!) was going to kill/turn her that I was seriously egging him on to do so? I feel a bit guilty but still...ugh. This whole thing seemed so predictable: They made her such an annoying little witch that we'd get pissed off at her, and then oops, turns put she was actually right about something bad going on here.

Sigh. Sorry for being so harsh. I was never a fan of Claire to begin with, OR teenage angst, and felt disappointed that Jody didn't have much to do.
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