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SPN #11x13 Love Hurts (episode review)

I hope this makes some sense. I was kind of distracted as I was watching and I'm really hormonal tonight so not in a good mood. But here goes...

The brother banter was on point in this one, especially in the beginning and the whole Daisy Duke thing. Hee.

This one did feel kind of like another old school episode, well except for the Amara issue, I guess. It was cool to see the mention of shapeshifters again, even if that's not exactly what it ended up being.

I felt for Melissa. Even though she ended up getting her husband and the girl killed, she didn't ever think it would lead to that.

Dean takes on the curse and Sam wasn't happy about it. And they have a talk about Amara at the end. Sam doesn't blame Dean for it and Dean confesses that he doesn't think he can kill her. Hmmm, I wonder if Sam will try to find a way to kill her instead, then?

On the shallow side, Sam's hair kind of bugged me. In most of the episode it looked very good but in certain scenes it started getting that fugly, plastered look about it that he had last season - that ugly bob thing. And given the most recent pic I've seen of Jared, I guess it's safe to say that Sam's hair will look like shit for the rest of the season. :'(

That's about it. I liked it, no Casifer and no angels were a plus.

Gonna go cry now. *curses hormones*
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