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Some Icons and New Magazine Articles

The Creation con is getting closer and I'm getting excited. :) Got an email from Creation a little while ago that they're going to have an exclusive new Michael Shanks t-shirt for sale there, which you can only get at this con. Hmmm wonder what it's going to be like?

Oh yeah, I made some new icons. They're all Daniel icons. Hope you like. If you want to take please do - credit would be nice but not necessary.

I got the new Cult Times Special issue #41 in the mail today. It has MS and AT on the cover as well as a couple of interviews with the two of them. MS talks about this season so far, how it was nice that Daniel went to Atlantis, how they go on a "Monty Pythonesque journey" in another ep, and he also said something that has me wondering... here is the quote:

"There's also a little bit of tension or some weird kind of love tension that develops between Daniel and Adria, which puts an interesting spin on his relationship with Vala."

Okay, I hope we're not going to see lots of jealousy from Vala, and if we do I hope we won't have Daniel going... "Awww honey, no I love you too, even if your daughter seems to have the hots for me." Ugh... if that happens, major fic fix-it will be in the works. I hope that by "relationship" he doesn't mean something like serious relationship - I hope it's just relationship in general. Other than that, the interview was pretty good.

As for AT's interview, I have to say I feel so sorry for her. Here is a quote from her:

"It is a different show, there's no denying this is not the SG-1 that we started with. A lot of things have changed, even just by virtue of the fact that we have a five-member team, that's a different format for us and it changes the dynamic of the team. I go online every once and again and I'll read something rather disparaging about myself and it's usually something catty and kinda nasty and I get my feelings hurt, honest to God. On many occasions my husband has come into the office and seen me sitting at the computer crying, going, 'You're not reading online again, are you?' And usually 90% of the stuff is really great and 10% of the stuff is not so nice. And I, of course, focus on the 10 per cent that's not nice!"

I bet I know which people make up the majority of those saying nasty things about her. I know that you have to sometimes expect things like this in showbiz, but I still think it's ridiculous. I've seen the things people have said about her and it does get really nasty.
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