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SPN #11x15 Beyond the Mat (episode review)

Well, so far I lucked out & still have power, so here is my review.

Okay, I need to get this off my chest.....

SQUEEEEEEEeEeEeEE!! The boys at a wrestling match, looking like they're having such a great time, sitting there cheering!! OMG I love it. I bet Jensen & Jared had a great time with that. And is it me, or did they both look particularly GOOD in this episode? There were times where I was fanning myself, literally, whether it was over a certain look on Dean's face or Sam's hair....GUH.

Honestly, I just loved the idea of them deciding to take a little break from all the craziness going on and have a little fun. Dean was such an ultimate fanboy, too. The way he acted at the wake when he saw all the wrestlers, it almost reminded me of when he saw Dr. Sexy in Changing Channels, lol. And then of course his playing around in the wrestling ring until Rio showed up. LOL.

And of course can't forget about Sammy! I loved him getting in a dig at Groupie!Dean and then it turned out he had a crush on Rio as a kid...even had a poster of her above his bed! Aw. Again I loved his straight man to Dean's fanboying at the wrestling match.

So John was into this wrestling stuff, too? Huh...

Oh yeah, and I spied Clif in the wake scene, too.

The wrestling characters were interesting. I'd seen that guy The Miz (who played the wrestler Shawn) before. Not that I've ever watched wrestling, but I used to watch Ghost Hunters & I remember him guesting in one of their live Halloween specials some years back. The other guy who played Gunnar, I'd seen him on SPN before, back in the S6 ep with the dogs (All Dogs Go to Heaven?). Anyway, wow, crossroads demon. Been a while since I remember them being in the show. I felt a little bad about what happened to Shawn. Sure, he was acting douchey, but I liked that he refused to make a deal with the CRD. I guess Gunnar was pressured into killing him after all. I did like that he ended up saving the boys at the end, and that he took his fate with the hell hounds.

And I liked the boys' talk at the end, at least in the way Dean told Sam they would keep going at this.

And now onto the myth arc stuff. Ugh. What's up with the theme music, Casifer? Rhumba, anyone? Sheesh. He still makes me cringe, and the "doggie" crap with Crowley is getting old. I still felt bad for Crowley there. And then Simmons trying to break him out? I was kinda side-eying her there. I did love seeing Crowley getting out of there and attempting to get his mojo back, if it just meant him knocking Casifer down a peg or two. Then of course Casifer finds him and I'm like "D'oh. Of course." I cheered when Crowley knocked him over like that with the Hand of God or whatever it was. But again it's too good to be true. So it looks like Crowley is going to be plotting against Casifer too? I wonder if he's going to be captive again, or able to escape somewhere and plot against Casifer from there. I guess we'll see.

So all in all, the brothers scenes, banter and being cute at the wrestling match ... I loved that. Even the wrestlers were interesting characters IMO. The myth arc stuff with Casifer. Meh. I really would like to se Crowley one-up him for once.
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