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SGA #4.16 Trio (episode review)

A few thoughts on tonight's episode, FWIW....

Um... okay...

Was I the onliest only one who found this episode just a tad... er........ boring?

Sam, Rodney and Keller falling through a sinkhole and spending the whole episode trying to escape.

Don't get me wrong - it's nice that they put their heads together and tried to come up with ways to get out by using their own know-how and ingenuity instead of relying on some kind of beaming technology to whisk them away onto the surface.  But I dunno, this episode fell kind of flat to me.

We got Rodney/Keller banter. Haven't seen them interact a whole lot since the season started, so that was an interesting little thing there.  Just a bit of Rodney/Sam banter and Rodney's uncomfortable attitude when he was trying not to sound like he was saying Sam's weight was the reason the boxes/bridge thingy/whatever collapsed, well yeah, it was her weight but it would have been the weight of any of the three, because, no, Sam isn't fat, in fact she has a really nice body and yadda yadda yadda.........

Gotta feel for Sam, lying there with the broken leg, probably in quite a deal of pain and listening to the guy yammering on like that.

Did get a little chuckle out of the kids watching them down there, saying they couldn't help because they weren't supposed to be playing in that area and their parents would get mad.  Rodney's gonna have a score to settle with those "little brats" isn't he.  Heh...  Though of course their refusal to help (and then later just bringing their friends with them to see) was a convenient plot device.

The Sam/Keller bits earlier on when they were first trapped and tying knots in the rope seemed a bit awkward.  Keller offering to play 20 questions, then the whole "who is cuter" or "who would you rather be with: Pitt or Clooney (etc. etc.)" thing. Though it was a bit funny when Rodney got involved in it.

So, Keller finds a way out.  Mine shaft.  It's a VERY close call, but they manage to escape.  Cute little scene at the end between Rodney and Keller.  He owes her a beer.  He's seemingly oblivious and then says it doesn't count.  She asks him to have a drink with her and realizes he doesn't do this very much.  Okay.

Oh, yeah, almost forgot. The situation with Katie came up again.  I guess that is going nowhere. Although it was nice Keller told Rodney that Katie deserves someone like him.

Was it me, or did Sam seem a bit weak in this episode as well? She sounded pretty helpless in the beginning when this predicament first befell them., the way they were sitting there and she said that the base was bound to realize they weren't coming back and would send a team over there.  I know she's not the team leader, but she is technically the head of SGA right now, and she is a military officer, not a civilian.  And you'd think her scientific brain would be operating at full speed (yeah I know she couldn't read Genii so I give her a pass on that).  Just shows how different the Sam character seems to be in Atlantis, at least IMHO.

So I guess I was pretty harsh on this episode; sorry about that.  Again the thing I did like was that they tried to find a way to escape by using their own ingenuity and not solely on technology.
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