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30 March 2016 @ 10:27 pm
SPN #11x17 Red Meat (episode review)  
I have so many thoughts on this one. Also, some speculation for the end of the season...

The way they did the promo for this episode, it looked they might actually have Billie the Reaper try to take Sam away. That's clearly not what happened, though. She was just there basically as a reminder to Dean that once they die, that's it. And this ties into some worrying speculations I have regarding season's end. I'll get to that, though.

I had so many emotions all throughout this. Seeing Sam get shot by one of the werewolves, and then that bastard telling Dean to leave him behind, and then finally trying to choke Sam to death. I was so waiting for that ass to get his. Yeah, I know he was so devoted to saving his wife (as an aside is it just me or did that girl seem really young? Like 18 young?), and some could try to draw a parallel between that couple and the brothers, but still. But he did end up getting his in the end, thanks to Badass!Sam. Dang, he really was badass in this episode. First, he survives the bastard choking him, then he kills those two other werewolves (were they actually werewolves? The woman kind of reminded me of a poor imitation of Ellen when the boys were first asking her about the cabin earlier on), drives himself over to the Impala and then meets Dean at the urgent care facility. Loved seeing our boy so badass! Jared was awesome here.

And now this brings me to Dean. I loved how Sam was still his first priority after getting shot, even with that couple in such a bad way. I loved how he refused to leave Sam at first, how he was still Dean's top priority and how he said he'd come back for Sam, even though he thought he was dead. Dean was in tears at one point too. Jensen did a great job of portraying Dean's devotion to Sam. He thought he was dead, and decided he had to make himself dead in order to summon Billie and ask her to bring Sam back. He even wanted her to take him instead. But oops, he learns that Sam actually isn't dead. She looks all ready to reap him but then the doctor brings him back. He talks to the girl at the end and tells her she's going to be back to normal. She seems so lost without her crazed, were-husband, though, and says she won't go back to normal.

And of course at the end Dean kinda, well, fudges the truth when Sam questions him about this. He tells Sam he knew he wasn't dead. Yeah, not exactly the truth.

To sum it up, I loved seeing Sam so badass here, loved seeing the lengths Dean would go to get him back (ie his devotion to Sam) even if it's the same old cycle they get themselves into, and even though I hated that guy for trying to kill Sam, I'm glad he got his in the end. One thing I worry about is any attempt to draw a parallel between the boys and that couple, and say that this is what will happen to them in the finale? Especially the lingering camera on Dean, as if to say he'll be just like that in the finale if Sam bites it & is taken away for good. Also the fact that we had that reminder from Billie about how they're gone for good. I almost hope it's a red herring because I would hate to see a Swan Song redux with no way of either of them coming back. :( Really hoping they're not making it this predictable.
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percysownerpercysowner on March 31st, 2016 12:17 am (UTC)
The wife looked familiar to me. She has been in a ton of things and she's 29, so the makeup must have made her look young.

I admit, as much as I may love the Dean's devotion to Sam, he really hasn't learned anything over the years. He's still trying to make a deal to keep Sam alive, whether Sam wants it or not, whether Sam would grieve just as much for Dean as Dean would for Sam. I think it's 100% in character, but he just can't let that go.

I did love this episode. Some of it, like the flashbacks were awkward. I heard a possible explanation of why that might have happened. The thought was that originally Jeremy Carver was going to write the finale, with Andrew Dabb doing 22. But it has been announced that Dabb is writing the finale with Berens doing 22. This episode had both Dabb and Berens as writers. The suggestion is Berens had to get cracking on 22, but this wasn't quite finished, so Dabb came in to complete the script. The flashback scenes would fit the pattern of "Oh, shoot, we're not going to hit 42 minutes, I'll write some padding."
jessm78jessm78 on April 1st, 2016 11:43 am (UTC)
She kind of looked familiar to me too. Oh wow, she's 29? Must be the makeup and maybe the way she wore her hair that made her look so young.

Yeah, that does still bug me (I did want to get more into it during my review, but wasn't sure how far I should get into it). He is still stuck in that same mindset, and I could tell we'd see that revisited when they showed that one scene from AHBL during the recap at the beginning. And of course he was being evasive with Sam about it at the end. I wouldn't have expected anything different, but I do wonder if Sam will somehow find out.

Same here. The flashbacks did seem a bit awkward, but that explanation would make sense. Interesting stuff.
Yellowbulma: Sammy loveyellowbulma on April 1st, 2016 02:31 pm (UTC)
When I saw the promo and Saw the wife character I thought she was a teenager!!! So agree she looked so much younger then the husband. Don't get me wrong so glad he got what he deserved for what he did to Sam. BUT I can understand why he was so desperate but yeah Sam and Dean saved them in the 1st place. =/

Such a great ep and just reminds us how much Sam and Dean need each other. J2 both knocked it out of the park again.

Sigh back to Castiel!Lucifer and Crowley next week....but at least Amara is back.
mosinging1986 on April 4th, 2016 12:26 am (UTC)
Oh, man, that was unbearable to watch! I can't stand to see my boys in pain. And this was overload on pain, especially our poor Sam! But I did love him being so tough! Kinda ridiculous in real life that he'd even survive, much less just get a couple of stitches and then be walking around more or less fine. But it's TV, after all. I loved seeing him strong like that, though. That's the guy we know and love and know he can be. It's great to see Big Brother saving him when need be. But he can also manage on his own.

And I can't ever see Sam lying there unconscious and not pet his sweet little head on screen.

I love these two fictional characters way too much. It's not healthy. LOL!