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SPN #11x18 Hell's Angel (episode review)

Here are my thoughts on this one...apologies in advance if they're not particularly glowing.

Sigh, we're back to the world of myth arc. I was not particularly impressed with this one. Maybe it's just after coming from all those awesome MOTW episodes that felt more old-school and had some great brother moments, and maybe my opinion will change slightly upon rewatch, but...nope, as it stands right now I'm not in love with this one.

Again, I hardly give two shits about the angel crap, and Casifer's attitude/mugging was again cringeworthy to me.

So Rowena actually isn't dead. When Casifer snapped her neck last time I did keep wondering if that was it. Something in the back of my mind kept nagging at me and thinking maybe she actually would be back somehow.

I was actually thinking "WTF???" during the part of the scene with Crowley & the boys when Dean wanted to get Lucifer out of Cas, especially when he suggested finding another vessel for Lucifer. I know he said that Cas is family or whatever (and THANK YOU Sam for bringing up that this was Cas' own choice!!) but that just kind of bugged me. I mean were they trying to show Dean's desperation? My mind started racing ahead to the possibility of that happening, and if they'd try to get Sam to be his vessel. I'd really hope that no one would ever suggest that (not even Sam himself).

This seems like one big mess. We've got Rowena working with Amara, Casifer against her but wanting to stay topside, Crowley against Casifer and of course the boys against both Casifer and Amara, although Sam suggests working with Casifer in a way so he can help them defeat Amara (which Crowley of course objects to).

And then Crowley gets into Casifer and it basically shows Cas as weak, sitting watching a tv and acting like he doesn't care about anything. I didn't expect Mark P to show up. Lucifer seems to have quite a hold on Cas. Dean tries to get through to him but even that doesn't work. In the end it sounds like Sam is trying to get him to accept that this is what Cas wanted to do, and then something about them operating that way from now on...about either accepting or not getting them to change what they want to do? Is this foreshadowing in a way? Makes me shudder to think about it...hopefully I'm overthinking it or possibly attributing it to what would end up being a different character.

I nearly cheered when Amara whisked Casifer away and then started torturing him, how bad is that? LOL. She seems to think God will show up. Does she know something we don't? And if God ever did show up, would she succeed in killing him? Would one of the Winchester boys end up sacrifice himself in such a scenario (eep, I hope not...again maybe I'm overthinking least I hope I am).
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