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SPN #11x20 Don't Call Me Shurley (episode review)

Okay, I have a lot to talk about & I'm kind of doped up on allergy meds so I hope some of it makes sense...

First.... OMG, SAMULET!!!! *shrieks*

Heh, I'll come back to this later...

I knew Chuck was going to turn out to be God. I'd actually had an inkling that he was God waaaaay back in Swan Song. I don't know how I feel about it, though. I especially don't like that he's acting kind of like a jerk. He seemed so different from the cute, scatterbrained plain ol' Chuck we saw back in seasons 4 & 5. I was actually finding Metatron more likable in their scenes. I also hated how he seemed to want Amara to just take over. Yuck. Talk about making someone very unlikable. The one thing that kinda made me chuckle early on was the little dig at Kripke and Revolution. Still, their scenes kind of bugged me and I couldn't wait for it to get back to Sam and Dean.

Speaking of the boys...LOL at Dean ironing Sam's fed shirt with beer.

The scene where they were trapped in the police station reminded me of Croatoan a little. And oh gosh, the brotherly scene where Sam was coughing and getting infected, and Dean telling him he wasn't going to leave...eep, I loved that so much. AND the Samulet suddenly glowing in Sam's pocket!!!! So does this mean that Sam kept it the whole time (as most of us hoped), or did Chuck just end up putting it there after having a change of heart? I was kind of confused because he had it when he was talking to Metatron, about how he'd turned it off and the line about "you don't want to know where this has been." Or does that line actually tie into Sam having held onto it all this time? Dangit, I need to know!!

Speaking of Chuck having a change of heart, I'm guessing Metatron got through to him about what he said about humanity? And I guess it was the Samulet that stopped the deadly fog, curing Sam and all the other people? And now Chuck tells the boys they need to talk...I'm assuming about stopping Amara. I started off being really turned off by Chuck and couldn't wait for those scenes to end, but....the Samulet! And the great brotherly scene with Protective!Dean! I wonder if the Samulet will somehow play a role in stopping Amara? I'm hoping Dean (or Sam) still has it.
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