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SPN #11x21 All in the Family (episode review)

Okay, here are some of my thoughts on this one, as well as some speculation for the season finale.

To start... Kevin!! I seriously was not expecting that. Even if it was just a quick cameo. As for the "upgrade" Chuck gave he an angel now? Just simply gone to Heaven? What, exactly?

Chuck is so non-chalant, eating donuts, wearing Dean's robe, wanting bacon, lol...And the boys interacting with him. Dean is rightfully upset that Chuck was gone all this time and so many horrible things have happened. And then Chuck tells him not to compare him to John...Dean's face when he said that....oh gosh.

When he wasn't around and Sam & Dean were talking about him...Sam was so cute when he was saying there was so much he wanted to ask him about, like ears. LOL :)

Cassifer still makes me roll my eyes although he didn't seem as bad this time (I guess he really couldn't be with Amara torturing him).

Donatello is the next prophet. I loved Sam's bitchface when Dean asked if he was named after the Ninja Turtle, lol. Nice touch making him an atheist too, kind of goes along with the whole thing about the prophets being people who didn't ask for this. He seems like an interesting character, although what was up with those weird noises he was making in the car? Shuddering?

It does bug me how Chuck doesn't seem to want to fight Amara, and that he would sacrifice himself and apparently be caged while she destroys everything. It bugs Dean too, obviously. Especially when Chuck says the humans like him and Sam will step up and fight her. Apparently they are "chosen" and this is why Chuck saved them all those years ago (I'm assuming when he put them on that plane in the S5 premiere). This suddenly seems way too big to Dean and he thinks Chuck needs to be the one to fight her.

We also see more of Amara's hold on Dean. He wants them to go their separate ways. She tells him to just go but he says he can't. Is it all due to his connection to her, or is he also trying to buy some time for Sam, Metatron and Donatello to get to Lucifer?

Speaking of which, aw, Metatron is gone now. :( Even though he really annoyed me in the past, I thought he redeemed himself a bit in the previous episode, and even in this one when he told the boys about Chuck's plan (or lack of one) to stop Amara. Oh well, if he had to be gone at least it was kinda-sorta as a hero in that he bought the others time to escape. That was a close call with them and Chuck did actually answer their prayers and beamed them back to the bunker. Hmm I wonder who it was that prayed...Sammy?

So it looks like Chuck healed Lucifer (I'm assuming he's still Lucifer, right? Just healed from the damage Amara inflicted on him?). So is he technically going to be on the side of Chuck & the boys in the fight against Amara?

Getting back to Amara, I can't stop thinking about the offer she made Dean, to leave this world and basically be one with her. Dean seemed dead set against it, but thinking back on Chuck talking about making the sacrifice, I almost wonder if Dean will do so? Maybe act as if he'll go away with her to buy the others some time, or if it turns out Chuck isn't going to do anything he'll make the sacrifice? Something Jensen said at Asylum this past weekend really had me thinking about this (I won't say what exactly so as not to spoil...if you don't want me to), although I'm not sure if he actually leaked spoilers or if he was just joking around.

Whatever happens, it seems like a big mess to me right now :P
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