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SPN #11x22 We Happy Few (episode review)

I'm posting this one later than usual. I was out all day and evening at my professional society's meeting & got back home after the episode ended. Luckily I'd recorded it (and it actually got the whole episode for a change, lol). I'm really tired so if I got a few things wrong please fill me in.

Sorry but I had to roll my eyes at Lucifer being the petulant child refusing to talk to Dad, saying "you suck" and then going into Sam's room & blasting music. Yeah I know, his relationship with God & all that, but still...

I nearly had a heart attack when Sam offered to take up the Mark to seal Amara away. Does he still have it, though? I know that when it was burning on Amara, Sam's was glowing but then it seemed to fade away.

I am wondering if Amara looking at the pic of young Dean with Mary is supposed to be foreshadowing in a way...

For a minute there I thought Rowena was double-crossing Team God there when she was talking to Amara. But then I remembered her little look with God. Cool how she got the other witches involved in attacking Amara, though I was sad she killed them...especially that one in particular that Rowena talked to (for the life of me I can't remember her name, but she was cool). I was almost worried Amara would kill Rowena too. What exactly was going on with Rowena at the end, though? She gets up and looks around in the sun ...was it just supposed to show that she's survived, and that she's determined to stop Amara?

Oh, crap, God is dying. :/ What is going to happen now? I've seen the promo for the finale so I won't say anything, but I still can't help speculating how it will turn out. I'm scared for both Sam and Dean. :(
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