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Supernatural #3.11 Mystery Spot (episode review)

Beware of spoilers!

I'll start off with...

Wow.  Just wow.

Okay, so I've always been a fan of Groundhog Day, and when I heard Supernatural was going to go that route I squeee'd.  I saw the preview clips and thought we'd be in for a treat.  I just didn't know how much of a treat.

First, Sam waking up to the clock radio playing Asia's "Heat of the Moment."  Dean totally cracked me up here with his "come on, you love this song", his singing along and his head-bobbing.  *snicker*

Oh, and the way he says "Hey, Tuesday - Pig in a Poke!" in the diner.  It's the little things that always get me.

So, the first time Dean dies is a gunshot from the owner/proprietor/whatever of the Mystery Spot.

Sam wakes up again to "Heat of the Moment," and Dean's singing and head-bobbing.

I love how we see the progression of his annoyance over it still being Tuesday. The way he knows how everything is going to occur, like the way he catches the bottle of hot sauce before the waitress drops it on the floor.  And of course, after the third?fourth? time we see the day play over again, how he knows everything that Dean is going to say.  Their "double speak" was hilarious... the "Sam Winchester wears makeup", "Sam Winchester cries his way through sex," "Sam Winchester keeps a ruler by the bed..." etc.

Dean getting hit by the car was pretty.... *shudders* And I mean that on a more personal level because last summer I'd gotten hit by a car myself... though the outcome wasn't as deadly of course (just broke my arm and nose, and I was unconscious till I woke up at the hospital).
Though, is it wrong that I actually laughed when the piano fell on him? Maybe it was just how quickly that played out and the image of the poor guy's legs sticking out from underneath it... but it did have me laughing... as did poor Dean electrocuting himself.  I'm really not that sadistic. Honest. ;)

I really felt for Sam... not only being stuck in this boring time loop, but having to always see it end with his brother dying. 

And despite the fact that they showed a scene from Tall Tales in the recap, I hardly expected the trickster to be involved in this.  Though I thought that was clever... after all, they didn't really end up killing him at the end of TT.  I half expected him to come back in some form, but was caught unawares as I watched this episode.

I love when Sam wakes up again, this time to Huey Lewis' song from Back to the Future II (the "Goin' back in time" song... I'm such a geek, but I loved that they included that song here), finds out it's Wednesday and says something about the song being such a beautiful song. *grin* He really thinks it's all over until...

Dean gets shot as he's out by the car.  The way Sam runs out there and says "I'm supposed to wake up..." He really broke my heart there. :(  And then the three-month period after Dean dies, the way he goes it alone and we hear all these phone messages from Bobby...  It really got me how the poor guy is trying to deal all on his own, without his brother.  He just looked broken.  It was almost depressing and it really makes me hope that he will be able to save Dean eventually.

When he meets Bobby, the first thing that came to my mind was that this seemed almost familiar to the first scene in AHBL Part 2, with Dean's conversation with Bobby.  You can tell how devoted he is to Dean, how badly he wants him back.  The way Bobby offered himself as a sacrifice and the way he told Sam that he and Dean were like family to him....  It had me going for a minute, especially when Sam stabbed him like that.  I figured that he had to think something was up there, and I was glad that that wasn't really Bobby.

So, I guess they spared the trickster's life then.  Sam wakes up again, again to the Huey Lewis song, meaning it's Wednesday.  That hug he gave Dean.......  I have no words for that.  I loved it.  I really loved the displays of brotherly.... love. (have I said "love" enough here? Didn't think so... lol).

All in all, I enjoyed this episode. I laughed, I cried (mostly for Sammy, of course), I "awwwwww"ed....  The thing that stuck out the most for me was Sam during the three months after Dean's death. I think it gives us a little taste of how Sam would be if he isn't able to save Dean. And for that reason I really hope that Dean can be saved (beside the fact that I don't want to see Dean die of course).

So, great episode.  The preview for next week's ep looks amazing.  I couldn't believe it when they said it would be a "full night" starting at 8pm. Though I hear they will be showing Nightshifter at 8, followed by the new ep at 9.  Either way it sounds great. :)
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