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SPN #11x23 Alpha and Omega (episode review)

Here are my thoughts, I hope they're somewhat coherent...

Okay, WTF??!!

Heh, I'll come back to this later...

I dunno, this finale left me a bit... Underwhelmed? Maybe it was the pacing, maybe it also was about some of the outcome.

Starting at the beginning... Everyone's in the bunker having their pity parties. Chuck is dying, Dean's drinking (which is par for course whenever he's trying to deal with something), Crowley's finding something to drink, wa wa wah, we can't stop Amara, bla bla blah. Sam seems to be the only one who wants to defeat her. The sun is now dying and everything along with it.

The Dean/Cas car scene made me groan at first but it was rather short. Dean tells Cas he's a good friend of his and Sam's but then says he's a brother? Um...does he mean in terms of "brother" as in a term of endearment (like guy friends who say "hey brother" to each other), or as in he sees him as a brother the same as Sam is?

They come up with the idea to make a bomb of souls to take out Amara. The geek girl in me loved that they went to Waverly Hills Sanitarium. I've read about all the history and the legends of ghosts, so it was cool to me personally.

The British girl...meh, I think they made her scenes a little too long. I've read that she has appeared on AMC's Turn. Anyone else who watches that show as well, do you know who she plays in that show? I watch it regularly and I can't place her.

Billie shows up at the bunker and offers up more souls for the bomb. Dean has to deliver it, no, actually BE the bomb to take out Amara. Speaking of which, while she was talking to that old woman in the park, did anyone get the sense that she was starting to...I don't know, have a change of heart? The way she looked at the pigeons and the sad look on her face when the woman was talking about her son.

The cemetery scene almost broke my heart. I guess Sam and Dean were at Mary's grave as one last visit before Dean was going to go to his death? The look on Sam's face is so unbearable :( And the hug...we didn't really have many brother moments at all in this episode, but this was pretty nice.

Am I the only one who was left wanting when Amara zapped Chuck over to where she and Dean were, and they just kinda...made up? I mean don't get me wrong, I'm glad that earth was spared and that Chuck is okay, but wow, Amara went from being a big bad to "hey everything's cool." And then Chuck gets the bomb out of Dean. And, yeah, I'm glad Dean didn't get blown up, but it seemed a little too ex deus machina to me.

And poor Sam assumes that Dean is dead. :( I suddenly got chills, thinking he was going to try and kill himself to have Billie take him away, at least thinking back to Red Meat and the implications in it. But he returns to the bunker with Cas and they find...someone lying there dead and bloody. I assume it's Rowena?

Turns out British girl ended her (and Crowley I'm assuming?) and then she zaps Cas away. Shit, she's pointing a gun at Sam and wants to take him away for all his crimes (um, okay...???). And she pulls the trigger. NOOOOOO!!

Amara gives something to Dean that he's always wanted. He ends up idea where and he sees Mary???

Okay, so where exactly is Dean? Is he actually alive and on earth somewhere? Is he in Heaven? And Saaaaaaam, PLEASE tell me she didn't actually kill him! We only saw her shoot the gun. We didn't hear him cry out and we didn't see any blood splattering, so I'm going to cross every one of my extremities that he is still alive. I mean, he has to be, right? If he's dead, he'll just end up in the Empty.

And again, where is Dean, is he alive, and what is going on with Mary? Is she a ghost?

To sum up, I wasn't thrilled with most of this episode, but this cliffhanger will kill me till the new season starts. I guess British girl might be a new baddie in the new season? I guess we'll find out. Gah, this hiatus is going to be maddening.
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