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Found out last night that Michael Shanks cancelled his con appearance because he will be filming overseas! Argh - why does everyone seem to cancel out on the NY area cons?! First it was Joe Flanigan and now Michael! One of my friends on Gateworld is so unhappy - she's driving down from Boston with her mom to go and since she'll be going to college in Florida, it's the last time she'll see Michael at a con. I feel so bad for her and I'm pretty sure it'll be the last time I'll ever see him too.

Maybe I am being selfish and I wish him luck on the new project but still - this had to happen at OUR con?! Teryl Rothery will be appearing instead and some other "mystery" guest (can't wait to find out - hope it's someone from Atlantis!). Since I have a Preferred ticket I'll be getting a complimentary autograph from Teryl so that will be cool. I didn't get much of a chance to meet her at the last con I went to. But still really teed off about Michael cancelling. We in NY seem to have the worst luck as far as cons go. *depressed sigh*

I have this splitting headache now and doubt the day can get much better from here. Not much else to say so signing off now.
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