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Supernatural #3.12 Jus in Bello (episode review)

Wow, this episode was pretty intense... See my thoughts/musings/etc. behind the cut.

First of all, cross-fandom squeee: Peter DeLuise!! Yay! :D  Shame he wasn't in it very long at all... the thought of the guy having been dead for weeks or longer? Ick... Yeah, I know we saw a demon possessing Isaac's corpse in The Magnificent Seven, but he wasn't around for very long.

Now that we have that out of the way...

I hate Bela.  I knew something was going to happen since she'd stolen the Colt.  But still.

She stole the Colt.  Probably their best line of defense against the demons.  And she stole it.  And apparently squawked to the feds on where Sam and Dean were. 

So, are they ever going to find the Colt? I guess we will see in the new episodes coming in April.  At least I hope we see.

It was nice seeing Hendrickson again.  Sure he is a nasty SOB, but he's another guy I love to hate.  I loved Dean's crack to him about getting some Cialis to take care of his little problem.  Oh, Dean! *grin*

We get Dean!Limpage as Peter DeLuise shoots him.... ouch! And afterwards we have Sam patching him up.  Aww. *happy sigh*

I honestly had no idea that Hendrickson was possessed at first.  I mean, his behavior seemed almost typical of him, given what we'd seen of him in previous episodes. I was kind of curious as to why Sam ripped the cross off of Nancy, but I guess he'd suspected it? Or he was just trying to prepare for any demon attacks especially after he'd just exorcised the one from Peter DeLuise (heh, sorry I can't remember the character's name atm ;)).

Hendrickson shoots the sheriff and then is exorcised.  He says "I shot the sheriff." Dean says, "But you didn't shoot the deputy!" Tell me you were not expecting that.  That is just SO Dean.... *hearts Dean*  And Sam shoots a murderous glare at him for that.  *hearts Sam*

Shame it had to take something like this for Hendrickson to see what they're up against, and that these things are real. I'm glad that he's finally seen it, though.  I liked the conversation he had with Dean about his job; the whole "I've been at this job for a while and want to land something big" thing.  I liked the look on Dean's face when he told him that the only thing he has to come home to is Sam.  I guess he was trying to show Dean that the two of them (him and Hendrickson) are a bit alike there. 

It's nice to see Hendrickson almost showing a bit of faith in them, asking Dean if he thinks they can win this.  Dean doesn't seem absolutely sure, but he's in it for the long haul.

So Ruby seems rightly pissed that the Colt is gone.  Can I mention again how I hate Bela?

Interesting proposition she has, about the spell that can vaporize demons within a 1 mile radius - including herself.  The fact that she seems willing to sacrifice herself in this cause gains her a bit more respect with me.  Then there's the thing about sacrificing a virgin, the only one of whom turns out to be Nancy.  Dean's reaction when he finds out she's a virgin is priceless.

That conversation between Sam and Dean highlighted that kind of role reversal between them.  Dean doesn't want to kill Nancy, an innocent virgin.  It was almost chilling to me that Sam seemed to have no qualms about it.  Yes, she's an innocent girl, but what is one innocent life vs. many? That seems to be Sam's position on the whole thing.  It shows how he's pretty much accepted his role in this fight.  Dean decides that they'll go down fighting this to the end. 

Oh, need to interject this... I loved, loved, LOVED that bit of skin the boys show when they reveal their pentagram tattoos.  Hee.

Hendrickson is letting the boys go.  He'll lie and say that they died in that helicopter explosion.  It was nice seeing him finally come around.

So we finally learn the name of this new demon that was mentioned 2 episodes back (the one who was "rising in the west"). She sees Sam as competition and Ruby is clearly fighting on his side. A little girl named Lilith (loved how she told Nancy about the 2 guys she was looking for - "one is kinda tall and the other is kinda cute"... heh). Wow, she really is a baddie.  I've read some folklore about a woman in the Hebrew tradition known as Lilith.  I can't remember all that much about it, but she was almost like a blood-sucking creature or someone who'd steal the life out of men.  Very very interesting.  I guess we will see more of how this whole thing involving her unfolds in later episodes. I'm looking forward to that.

I kind of suspected Hendrickson wouldn't make it out of this alive, though I was still hoping.  I guess there really is no room for him in the show now that he's come over to their side, but it was still a shame to see him die.

Final thoughts: I liked the way this episode was done, even though I felt bad that Hendrickson had to die (and even Nancy; I kind of liked her).  I wonder if they'll ever get the Colt back? I guess time will tell (least I hope it does).
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