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SPN #12x02 Mama Mia (episode review)

Wow, much to say about this one. Hope it makes some sense, lol...

First, the, can't say I was expecting that (though if I remember right, didn't Jared make some kind of comment about being shirtless at some convention a few months ago? Was it Comic Con?). And no I am not complaining, not in the least. *grin* Though something about that seemed off. At first I almost wondered if Toni had drugged him but nah, I figured it had to be a dream or a hallucination of some kind. And yup, that's what it was. She's still a bitch.

I still really like these scenes between Dean and Mary. I liked her reaction when Dean revealed that Sam had tried to get out of the hunting life. Dean then told her that when John went missing they realized that all they had was each other. That was really nice. :)

Rowena! Lol, looks like she's trying to get out of the whole demon/witch life and has even started dating. That doesn't seem to last long as Fergus- er, Crowley finds her and wants her help finding Lucifer.

Which brings me to Lucifer's new vessel: Vince Vincente, played by Rick Springfield. I'm just glad he didn't sing Jesse's Girl in this one, lol. Just like what happened with Nick in the beginning of S5, we see a guy with some tragedy (in this case, a girlfriend he was seemingly unfaithful to, and who ended up dying). Lucifer comes to him in the guise of lost girlfriend and gets him to say yes. I'm probably getting way ahead of myself here, but I wonder how similar this is going to be to S5. Is Lucifer going to pursue Sam again and try to get him to say yes? As cool as Samifer was, I'd kinda hope we won't see that again. But as I said, getting way ahead of myself. Still, he was pretty creepy when he was in Crowley's lair when that spell Rowena tried didn't work. And now it seems she'll be working for him? What a tangled web...

When they finally get a lead on Sam's location, Dean wants Mom to stay back. He tells her he can't do his job if he's worried about her. This sounds a bit familiar, didn't he say this to Sam at one point? She insists she can take care of herself, but in the end she does stay back with Cas. Wow, Dean's already in deep doo-doo. That was quick. When Cas said the place was warded, he wasn't kidding.

So now both boys are held captive by Toni. Sam's face when he sees Dean...aww...and then his "I thought you were dead!" You could just hear the relief in his voice. Now it turns out Mary busts in to save them. How badass is she? Dean manages to break free and knocks her out. But then they've got to deal with another henchman of hers. This guy at least seems a bit more diplomatic, but I don't trust him at all. I doubt it's the last we'll see of them.

I loved the ending: Mom and her boys eating takeout. And Dean just devouring that pie, lol. They're so adorable. And then the scene where Sam brings Mary some tea...aww, I loved his awkwardness, it's just so endearing. He has no memories of her except for that time in S5 when they went back in time. It's almost like he's not totally sure yet how to interact with her but still, their interaction was very sweet. When she asked him about getting out and why he stayed, he said that this is his family, that they hunt. He gives her Dad's journal and said that it filled in a lot of blanks for them...and her being here fills in the largest blank. Cue hug. Aww. :)

All in all, I quite liked it. What was with that song at the end, though? That Lost Angel or whatever it's called? Yes it's very appropriate as they all sit around thinking of this heavy stuff (and aww @ Mary looking at the old pic of John), but it seemed pretty sappy to me, mot really what I've come to expect from the show. Eh, maybe I'll feel different when I rewatch.
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