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SPN #12x03 The Foundry (episode review)

Not sure how many people even read my reviews anymore lol but here it is, for what it's worth...

Right off the bat I have to say that I liked this one a tad more than last week's. With the MOTW it felt more like an old school type episode, minus the Crowley/Cas and Lucifer stuff, anyway.

Mary has trouble fitting in, that's been more than obvious since the season premiere. She feels like she doesn't belong. She decides to cut her hair. Sam notices and she tells him she'd rather keep it short so it doesn't interfere with hunting and no monsters trying to grab her hair (though I'm sure Sam Smith was probably just happy to not have to wear the wig anymore). Dean says he's been telling Sam that for years now, which earns him a bitchface from Sam, lol. Just my personal opinion but don't listen to him, Sam. Your hair has been on point since the season started. :) As for Mary's hair, being thrown into the present from 1983, how did she decide upon an asymmetrical bob type haircut? Unless she saw pics in a magazine or just observed other women's hair while out and about...

The Cas/Crowley stuff was meh... Agents Beyoncé and Jay-Z? Really? Reminds me of that ep from S5 when Dean & Sam went their separate ways & Cas tried way too hard to act as an agent. Nice fake-out by Rowena casting the spell to make Lucifer's vessel's decay accelerate (from Keith Richards stage to Iggy Pop stage, LOL). I was wondering at the end of last episode if she was actually going to be in cahoots with him, but that doesn't appear to be the case. So Lucifer is at the bottom of some ocean now? If Vince is basically decayed now is he going to have to find a new vessel? I thought we'd see more of Rick Springfield but who knows, I guess. Seems like Rowena will want to work with the two of them to get rid of Lucifer, though I'm still not totally sure what she's up to...

Getting back to the MOTW part... So Mary has put together her own hunt. Poor Sam having to sit in the back seat of the car. And when Dean puts the classic rock on (hey, nice to hear at least a few seconds of it! I'd complain more but we know the classic rock budget of the show has sucked since S3 anyway, so...) she turns it up even more! I liked when she introduced them agents...Shirley Partridge and agents Cassidy and Bonaduce? LOL

The whole story was a bit sad, how the father of that girl who was killed tried to bury himself alive and starve in that house, and then basically took on the kids from those other families that lived there as his own.

I liked how the boys did get to talk about Mom here and there, how Sam noticed that something is bothering her and she's trying to immerse herself in hunting to take her kind off it. Dean plays dumb and asks how he knows. Sam says "Years of personal mother, like sons." He couldn't be more right, though I do definitely see some parallels between her and Dean. I'm probably thinking too deeply about this, but have they been trying to convey for some time that Dean is a lot like Mom and Sam is more like Dad (especially as far as not being into the hunting life at first and then getting dragged into it...John when Mary was killed and Sam when Jess was killed)?

Finally when they get back to the bunker, they talk about the case and Mary seems overwhelmed by what happened when she was possessed by the ghost of the dad. It's not only that but the whole idea of being overwhelmed by her situation is also bringing things to a head and she decides to leave. She says she needs some time, so I guess we will see her come back at some point. The looks on the boys' faces as she leaves, though...aww, I want to hug them both so badly. :(

So that's my review. I liked it more than last week's at least the MOTW part. Felt more old school with the EMFs, salt & burn, use of iron to repel the spirits. Good stuff.
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