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SPN #12x04 American Nightmare (episode review)

Before I start this review I apologize if any of this sounds incoherent or if I'm making too big a deal out of anything. That said...

I did like the more old school feel to this episode and the hearkening back to the special kids.

However, I did have an issue with several things.

First, I'm still kind of unsure if the writers were giving a big old "F you" to religion in portraying the family - or the mother at the very least - as a crackpot. Yes, she was a crackpot to go to the lengths she did in making Magda self-flagellate and all that, and in planning to kill them all by poisoning dinner. Not only that, but when she was talking to Sam about them not saving Magda from dying of illness (even though it turned out to be a big, fat lie anyway) and because it was God's will or whatever. Okay, now I'm Catholic and consider myself a fairly religious person (and I really hope no one hates me for that :/), but I certainly don't condone that. Sam's comment about God not caring how you live your life...Maybe it just bothers me more because my ex-husband had said things very similar to that to me and he would mock me in a mean way even for going to church (he was verbally/emotionally abusive in other ways too). I guess that's why I take it a bit more personally than I should, but it almost seems like this show is almost going out of its way to make a statement about religion and I wish they wouldn't. I know they did a similar thing back in S1 with Faith, but this just felt more blatant, at least with Sam's comment. I do agree with him that God didn't kill her daughter, she did (even though, again, it turned out to be a lie anyway). Geez I hope no one hates me for saying all this. :(

The other thing that didn't sit well with me was the stupid British MOL guy on the motorcycle killing Magda at the end. I know looking back we should probably expect that after what Toni said to Sam but I still didn't like it.

What I did like.... Boys dressed as priests again, boys dressed in nice outfits impersonating child protective services, boys talking a bit about mom and Sam seeming to actually kinda like Vince the rocker (the " was the eighties" thing and Dean's

Also, Sam getting through to Magda when she was about to stab her mother in the chest, and sympathizing with her over the special powers thing, even though he admitted he doesn't have them anymore.

Finally I liked that Dean got an answer from Mary and she told him he should call her Mom, that she'll always be Mom to them and they are her boys. :) Looks like Dean feels better about that (it was actually a bit sad when he texted her earlier asking if he should call her Mom or Mary).

I guess that's about it. I did kind of like the episode even with that one issue I had (maybe it won't bother me as much when I rewatch, but again that comment of Sam's reminded me a lot of my abusive ex, so maybe that's part of the reason why I bristled when he said it). I just hope they're not trying to say that all religious people (to whatever extent) are crackpots. I'd hate anyone to think that I am, though I guess I should stop worrying so much about what others think of me... *sigh*
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