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SPN #12x05 The One You've Been Waiting For (episode review)

Wow, um... I'm not too sure what to say about this one, lol...Well, here goes...

Reincarnated Hitler guy? Weeeeeeeeird. Um...I'll come back to this.

Looks like Dean was still brooding about Mom in the beginning. Sam brings him some pie and he's not biting? Wow, talk about unexpected. Though it looks like he's trying to desperately immerse himself in some new case to take his mind off it. Typical of him, definitely.

So we've got the return of the Thule. I have to say I was a little fuzzy about their debut in season 8 since it's been quite a while since I watched that. Nice little cameo of Aaron, though when I heard Adam Rose was coming back for this episode I guess I thought he would be in it more. It works, though.

I love Sam's hair. Just had to say that. Anyway...

The whole thing with the pocket watch containing Hitler's soul was...interesting. Creepy guy wanting to bring him back. The way he was talking and the way he grabbed Ellie made me think he wanted to use her as the vessel/meat suit/whatever since she's supposedly a descendant of his. But no, it turns out creepy guy just wanted her blood for this. Maybe I wasn't following too closely, but what was the whole reasoning behind that? Was it just to inject younger blood (and thus more youth or vigor), or did they need the blood to interact with the watch somehow?

I did read spoilers for this ep quite a while back and wow, when they said it'd be like Hitler as Richard Simmons, wow they weren't kidding, lol. Guy acted and sounded like he was higher than a kite. Meanwhile Sam and Dean outside...Dean is disappointed that he can't use the grenade launcher. Aw.

I liked the way Sam talked to Ellie back when they were first talking to her about the whole Hitler thing and saying he understands the way she feels, about how he was intended to be Lucifer's vessel. Creepy guy's son also turned out to be somewhat of a good egg too.

I was also heartened by the fact that Ellie wasn't killed off at the end, at least (still annoyed about last week's ep...*snort*). Also enjoyed the banter between Sam and Dean at the end, how Dean does want to get some pie now, and still all giddy about killing Hitler (and Sam groaning about how he'll never hear the end of it, lol).

Again, felt more like an old school ep, even if it's essentially a sequel to a season 8 episode. That's about all I have to say about this one. Maybe I'll come up with more upon rewatching.
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