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SGA #4.18 Kindred (episode review)

After this long week I'm falling asleep again, so apologies in advance for my thoughts or musings being slightly incoherent or not very accurate.

Okay, so I'd read some of the spoilers and I kind of knew that Michael would appear and have some kind of connection or whatnot to Teyla.  But wow.

In this ep we got Michael, Todd, Lorne, Caldwell, and ................


Er, *a* Carson? Hmmmmm.....

Anyway, the whole thing surrounding Teyla's "visions" was interesting.  At first I thought they were just mere dreams, but I caught on quickly that they were some kind of visions.  I didn't know it was Michael who was communicating with her (despite what spoilers might have said/suggested...heck it's been a while since I've read them... all I remembered was that Michael was going to show up and have some kind of thing with Teyla). 

I felt so bad for her when she was on the Wraith dart and Kanon (sp?) was standing there, not saying anything to her and then when Michael left he started speaking and it was so obvious that he was going along with Michael's if he'd been brainwashed or transformed or something.  That had to hurt.

So Michael has plans for Teyla's child.  Why do I not like the sound of this? I can't help but wonder what will happen next as far as that is concerned.  Will Teyla fight to protect the child? I'd like to think so...

Am I the only one who found Rodney kinda cute when he was giving Teyla the gift?? That sort of bashful way about him...heh... and of course it's SO like him to give her recordings of himself explaining his knowledge for the child to listen to.  Teyla to give birth to a wee little Rodney worshipper! *snerk*

When John, Rodney and Ronon met up with Todd, I found it a bit unbelievable that they seemed so willing to trust him, especially after the way he was involved (even if indirectly) in last week's events.  Giving him the antidote to that plague or whatever it was... the way Rodney told them back in Atlantis that it would cause the Wraith to wipe each other out.  Did they seem just a bit too trusting there? Or was it because they just wanted to get Teyla back?

As far as Carson was concerned... I was prepared for the ending thanks to SciFi's constant promos about something surprising "in the last 5 minutes."  I saw it coming during this ep when Sam said there was a rumor that one of our people was being held prisoner.  I couldn't tell if they were talking about Teyla or our "mystery guest."

And what a cliffie they end this on!  The promos for next week's ep look great.  I really do hope that it IS the real Carson and not a replicator! RepliWeir was bad enough; don't want to have RepliCarson too!  I'm looking forward to seeing how this unfolds.
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