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SPN #12x06 Celebrating the Life of Asa Fox (episode review)

I was a bit distracted toward the end, thanks to a guy I just met texting me but here are my thoughts on this one...

This one takes place in, is this the first time they've done a case there?

The flashback is to 1980 and we see Mary save a young boy (who turns out to be Asa), despite the fact she says she's kinda retired from hunting. She'd already had Dean at least a year earlier (I guess we can assume he was with John at the time?). Yeah, it's obvious that hunting is her life and there's no way she could totally escape it. And I like how Sam brought that up to her later.

Jody! Aw, like the boys dropping in on her, eating with her and watching TV. Dean pokes fun at her watching chick flicks. Sam tells her Dean likes the Japanese anime porn stuff, lol...and Jody seems to find that impressive. Hmm!

She's pretty emotional hearing about Asa's death and the boys insist on joining her at the wake. Those other hunters were pretty interesting. Lol at that fanboy guy Elvis seeming to geek out over Sam. Poor Sam's discomfort talking about being possessed by Lucifer. I hope that's not a subtle hint at things to come. Hopefully I'm just overthinking it.

Oh gosh, the looks on the boys' faces when Mary shows up. She's looking pretty awkward too. Dean's wondering how she can make this long drive to Canada for this guy but barely contacts them once a week.

I liked Jody's talk with Dean about how she'd give anything to have her husband and son back, but that she'd also be scared as hell because she's not sure how they'd fit in, or something to that effect. Also I really liked Sam's scene with Mary after Dean went outside to get some fresh air.

Turns out there is a crossroads demon killing hunters and that Bucky guy says it's the thing that killed Asa. It's time to play Guess The Vessel, I suppose. I thought it was pretty obvious it was in Jody when she kept yelling about how it was in Mary. Glad Sam picked up on that as well. I liked the group effort with the exorcism.

Billie's back! Always liked her character. She's here to reap the killed hunters it looks like, but the place is warded so Dean can't get back inside. She offers him a one-way ticket inside and tells him he owes her. Oh boy. My mind did go to Mary when he said that. More on that later.

So it turns out the demon wasn't the thing that killed Asa, it was Bucky. Nice twist but wow, the guy is a jackass.

I liked the end scene, first when Jody and Mary talk and Jody tells her that her boys are good men. Billie wants to take Mary, but she tells her she'll have to wait. I guess Billie is accepting that, but I'm thinking that eventually she will come for Mary...not sure when that will be, though. The boys ask her if it means she'll be coming home now and Mary says she still needs a bit more time. Aw, boys.

I guess that's about it. First impressions? I liked it. Maybe I'll have more to say after a rewatch. I won't spoil for the next episode, but WOW, I love what we can see of Sam & Dean's wardrobe. ;)
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