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SPN #12x07 Rock Never Dies (episode review)

Wow. Lots of stuff to talk about, though I'm sure I'll forget a few things.

This was a pretty crazy episode. I have to say I really liked the connections they made between Lucifer/Vince (Vincifer? Lol) and his fans with the dangers of celebrity worship. I'm sure some of the diehard, extreme SPN/SPN cast fans will object to this, but the way they were talking about Vince's fans crying because they couldn't get in to his show, the thing about all the "crying" emojis, about trying to decide if he's "bae", "nae", or "daddy", it actually reminded me of some of their behavior on social media. I mean, come on, how many pictures of Jared, Jensen, Misha etc have you seen with fans commenting "DAD" or "bae" or even the nonsensical "my sons"? LOL. Though to be honest, celeb worship to that extreme is no laughing matter IMO. We saw how Vincifer took advantage of that and it illustrates how disturbing he is, especially getting that girl to carve his name into her chest (and who knows what he had in store for the fans at the concert).

Disclaimer: I am IN NO WAY trying to make a 100% comparison of what we saw tonight to extreme SPN fanatics, so please realize this if you're considering flaming me. ;)

The little things: Aw, Dean was playing Words With Friends with Mom. Sam teases him about it. Mom appears to be whupping Dean's ass at it. LOL. Did I see the tiles he had at the end spelling Lucifer?

We still see some of Fanboi!Sam saying he's listening to a history podcast (and I could totally see him actually doing that!) when he's really listening to Vince's music. Hee. And he makes Dean listen to it!

I loved the digs at the douchebaggery of LA with the yoga stuff, the "green juice" and even the vegetable water (which Dean pokes fun at Sam for drinking, and then he himself later is caught drinking).

There's the Cas/Crowley duo again. Cas doesn't seem at all thrilled to be with Crowley. I liked Crowley being so badass about Lucifer, first with that guy he knows (the "green juice" guy, lol..his name already escapes me) and then with Vincifer himself. Geez, Vincifer is one scary dude. Again, he's taking advantage of the hold celebs have on people nowadays. He really disintegrated quick.

Sam in the end made me feel kind of sad, the way he said they didn't win because Vince is dead and Lucifer is gone. He is right, but I felt bad seeing him feeling so pessimistic. The others admitted Lucifer is going to go bigger now. Dean insists they will stop him. I really like his resolve but then the camera ends on Sam looking worried. I'm not going to get into that, but I wonder how many people are going to say that it's hinting that Lucifer will eventually try to get Sam to be his vessel again. I'm not going to overthink anything now.
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