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SPN #12x08 Lotus (episode review)

Another episode jammed with...stuff. Lol. Here are my thoughts...

Let me first say that anyone reading this and hoping to find some snarky comments on parallels to real life, I'm sorry to disappoint you (actually maybe I'm not, because IMO there's been a politics overload this year as it is and I don't feel compelled to contribute to that...hope that's okay). To be honest, I liked how they made the President character kind of original and didn't see any nods to anyone in particular (YMMV, of course, but I personally didn't).

I don't hold this particular duo of writers in high esteem, but I did think they did a good job showing how powerful and terrifying Lucifer is, especially when he was possessing the archbishop.

The British MOL show up again. This guy seems not as insane as Toni was. Why did Sam try to contact them, though? If it was to get their help in going after Lucifer, I guess that makes sense.

I liked how caring Sam was with Kelly, trying to calm her when they explained that she was pregnant with Lucifer's baby. Of course Cas didn't have the same luck later and she left. To her it doesn't matter that she's pregnant with a monster, it's still her baby. Um, stupid much? Are they going to revisit this and once she has the baby is it going to be the next monster they'll have to deal with?

I'm not sure how easy it was for them to trap Lucifer in that egg thing. Did they actually succeed? It looked like Lucifer escaped into the grating in the floor... Did I miss something there? I don't think it was the smartest thing for the boys to linger there with the President. Once they saw he was alive maybe they should have high-tailed it out of there, or would it not have made any difference? So now they're going to jail apparently. And I guess we have to wait till January 26th to find out how they'll get out. Anyone got any theories?
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