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26 January 2017 @ 09:28 pm
SPN #12x09 First Blood (episode review)  
Here are my thoughts, apologies if I missed anything...had a very long day at work (finally back after having been sick, woo-hoo!) and I'm already tired...

First the one secret ops guy or whomever he was (the older guy) had a point about how doing nothing to the boys would be one of the worst things to inflict on them...being in a solitary room in the dark, doing absolutely nothing, same crap day after day...it can make you nuts. The same grub every day too..thought it was funny at first how Sam turned his nose up at it, but Dean seemed to really like it, lol. Also loved watching Sam work out. ;)

This is probably an unpopular opinion, but I was glad that Mary called out Cas on leaving the boys like that. That was a total WTF moment in the previous episode. Of course she later apologized to him (*sigh*) but I guess it's something that he insisted he shouldn't have left them. I admit I rolled my eyes a bit when he told her about the case he heard about on tv (that ended up being vampires), how Sam & Dean would have just gone right for it, etc. It was almost as if they were trying too hard in having him emphasize how important they are, maybe admitting how they need them, trying to atone for his action, etc. Maybe it was just clumsy execution, I don't know. I did notice though how he seems to be a really crappy hunter, lol. Mary herself ended up going there and taking care of it.

I also admit I didn't really bat an eyelash when the boys were found dead in their cells. As soon as I saw Billie's actress name in the credits I knew she had to be involved somehow. It was great seeing our boys be so badass while on the run from those secret ops guys...especially that ambush at the abandoned cabin. Then Sam tells Dean they have to talk about "it" and I started thinking "uh oh"...and that it probably had to do with Billie.

The British MOL guys get involved. I knew they weren't going to let those secret ops guys remain alive, and now it looks like Mary could be working with them? I'm curious to find out the repercussions of that.

So, the ending...Billie appears and it turned out the boys made a pact with her to get out, but it requires one of the Winchesters to die at midnight. Wow, it's easy to see just how being in that confinement for so long affected them. I pretty much expected Mary to sacrifice herself, though I felt pretty sad when she was putting the gun up to her temple and telling them "Goodbye." Then, um...Cas kills Billie? Again, unpopular opinion, but this scene kind of stuck out like a sore thumb, pretty much the same way the earlier scene of the talk between him & Mary. He starts ranting about how they're always making deals (well I guess he has a point, but still...) and how this world needs them, etc. Is this supposed to reflect his guilt? Because it seems like a pretty clumsy way to me...or heavy-handed, I can't really describe it. I just got a real "try-hard" vibe from it. Meh...maybe my opinion will change upon rewatching.

Again though I'm curious to see where Mary supposedly working with the British MOL will lead. Oh and it sucks that the CW didn't show a promo for next week's episode. Boo! :(
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KCS: pic#95008184kcscribbler on January 26th, 2017 11:43 pm (UTC)

Billie dying sucked, plain and simple. There were tons of ways to develop Cas as a character if that was their goal, without killing off yet another non-majority female character, and one of the few who is actually written well. *is still furious* Kind of ruined the episode for me.

But the promo is up on the CW app and website, btw. Not overly informative but it's there. :)

jessm78jessm78 on January 27th, 2017 10:54 am (UTC)
YES. That's exactly how I felt. I was so tired last night, I was having trouble putting into words what I thought of it. She was one of my favorite newer characters and it sucked that they had to kill her off just to further Cas' character development. *sigh*

Thanks for the heads up! I know they were going nuts promoting Riverdale, but seeing the promo at the end is kind of like a tradition to me. ;)
percysownerpercysowner on January 26th, 2017 11:49 pm (UTC)
Yeah. I mean I'm glad Mary didn't die, because I really like her and what they are doing with her, but Cas being mopey about being useless (because he kind of is) and then getting absolved by Mary irked me. OTOH, killing Billie made a kind of sense, the last time he felt all unappreciated, he said yes to Lucifer to make himself feel better and more important, so doing something this stupid is in character.

I am going to miss Billie. I didn't mind that she simply want ONE Winchester (not named John or Henry) to freaking stay dead.

The preview for next week is here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4EYup63QDyc
jessm78jessm78 on January 27th, 2017 11:16 am (UTC)
Yeah, that whole thing really irked me. That's a really good point, though. The fact that he killed Billie does seem to make sense after how he let Lucifer in when he was feeling so sorry for himself.

Me too. *sigh*

Thanks for the link! I know they were going crazy promoting Riverdale so I guess that was part of it, though I hope it's not also due to the time change and that they'll be back to promoting the new episodes next week.
Yellowbulmayellowbulma on January 31st, 2017 09:07 pm (UTC)
Sorry I'm late reading this it's just the Destieheller's are really pissing me off and getting me down so have really not felt like dealing with the SPN fandom right now.

ANYWAY back to your review.

I found the ep so boring at the start it reminded of 12x02(and not in a good way.) when we had Mary and Dean having freaking tea while Sam was in danger.

The Mary/Castiel scene are alright but I wasn't excited for Mary coming back from the dead to have talks with Castiel. I want more Mary/boy's scenes. STILL WAITING SAM AND MARY'S YED TALK.

I did like how Castiel couldn't hunt and praised Sam and Dean to Mary. I have NEVER been a fan of the "instant" hunter bullshit like with Charlie-sue and Claire etc. Sam and Dean are great hunters and their job isn't easy and I did like how Castiel (and the writers.) made note of that for once.

Loved seeing the Winchester's being badass and the ep final picking up.

I knew Mary wasn't going to be killed of in ep 9 but was still shocked when Castiel killed Billie. Going to miss her but glad Castiel actual did something useful.

Now I think the rest of his storyline this season will be him paying for breaking the contract.

All in all it was an OK ep not great or too bad still one I would rewatch easy.

Next week angel's.....zzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Edited at 2017-02-01 12:08 am (UTC)