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SPN #12x10 Lily Sunder Has Some Regrets (episode review)

Not sure I have much of a review, but here it is...

Most people know how I feel about the angel storyline. Snore. And I was kind of rolling my eyes at the beginning, thinking "oh look, it's another 'angel out for revenge' type of story." I guess the fact that Lily actually was a human was different, though, and had used angel magic to keep herself alive and strong after all these years. Is it me or did that angel Isham (or however it's spelled) seem kind of Matthew McConaghey (ugh I know that's spelled wrong & I'm Irish so I've got no excuse, lol) like in the way he talked? I knew there was something up with that guy. He says her daughter was a nephilim and had to be killed, yet she was human and he killed her because he was obsessed with Lily. Honestly I thought that was really heartbreaking and I began to feel bad for Lily.

I know a certain faction of fans are probably squeeing over the fact that Dean didn't send the angels away because it could hurt Cas (or at least Isham said so). I guess certain people see ship in everything. *eyeroll*

One thing I am actually curious about (despite my disinterest in the Cas & His Angels storyline) is this backlash of cosmic proportions that was mentioned after he killed Billie. Is that going to be addressed at some point? I also noticed that Dean said he was worried about what Cas would do if he came across that Presidential aide and her child who is a nephilim. Cas seems to have doubts about what he'd do after finding out the truth about Lily and her daughter. But her daughter was human. This child was supposedly fathered by Lucifer and would be very dangerous. I dunno what to think. All I do know is that the angels still annoy me and the Lily story ended up being heartbreaking. :(

At least the boys looked gorgeous though. :)

Oh and I'm still super annoyed at the CW for no longer showing previews for next week at the end. Yeah, I know they put them up online, but I still miss seeing them on TV right after the current episode. I guess they've got to promote the hell out of their overhyped and overrated (IMO anyway) new show. *snort*

Edited to add: I was so tired last night I almost forgot to mention this... I did like Sam's interaction with Lily. It was kind of nice how he sympathized with her on the whole soulless thing.
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