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SPN #12x11 Regarding Dean (episode review)

Here are my thinky-thoughts on this episode....

If I'm remembering correctly, Jared said recently that he really liked this episode. After watching it, I think I can see why. I definitely liked this one better than last week's.

In the Then recap, they showed scenes from Malleus Maleficarum, the witch episode from season 3, and I could kind of see some parallels between them. Not a lot, but maybe just the fact that Dean is in trouble and Sam goes to try and take out the witches responsible for it.

Jensen did bring the laughs as forgetful!Dean, but it was also kind of sad in a way. When he was struggling to remember his name, it was like watching someone with Alzheimer's going downhill. As someone with family members who succumbed to the disease, it really hit home for me.

And I guess we know where the whole "Sam Winchester is my brother, and Castiel is my best friend" voiceover from that one promo video a while back came from...

Sam did have a point though at the end when he brought up about how Dean seemed to have the weight of all the things they've done off his shoulders when he was under that spell, that he was more care-free. In a way it must have been a nice change to see him like that. But in the end, Dean tells him that he'd also forgotten all of them, and he'd rather have the weight on him and not be care-free than to be like that.

While we're on that subject, I did like how it seemed that Sam was the last person Dean forgot, though it was heartbreaking when Sam and the witch guy rushed out of the room upstairs and Dean first pointed the gun at him, not sure who to shoot. Sam had to insist he was his brother and then pointed to the witch for Dean to shoot.

And then of course after Rowena free him from the spell, he pulls Sam's chain making him think it didn't work (with the "who's this hippie?" line)... Geez, poor Sammy, he looked almost like he wanted to kill him.

I liked that little talk at the end between the car. Seems we've hardly had many of those lately. I know there's been a real lack of brotherly bonding scenes this season and sadly my expectations are really low... So this was pretty nice to see.

And despite the fans getting on the CW's case for no longer showing previews for the next episode, it seems they don't give a shit and will keep over-promoting Angsty Archie. *sigh*
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