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SPN #12x12 Stuck in the Middle (with You) (episode review)

I'm posting this later than usual because I was out at a business dinner meeting that went on later than I expected ...luckily I DVR'd the show. Apologies if I missed some things, I'm just exhausted...

I admit I was kind of confused by the pacing of this episode, the cutting back and forth with the scenes, the "oh wait, let's go back a bit and show what happened at this point" style. But again I guess my brain was just addled from that long meeting and I maybe if I go back and watch again it won't bother me as much. I was also wondering what was up with the background music, although I guess it tied in with the song our "special guest" was singing at the end.

I'm also a bit confused as to how that Remiel (Ramiel?) was in possession of the Colt in the first place. It's been forever since I did a rewatch of all the SPN seasons, but can someone refresh my memory? Did Crowley get it at some point? I know in the flashback Crowley gave him that spear of Michael in exchange for his crown (and thus becoming King of Hell), but where did the Colt figure into this? I guess it's time for me to do a rewatch back to season 6/7...

The British MOL have pissed Mary off...wonder what's going to happen now as far as that goes.

I knew Cas would be revived somehow. I've got nothing to say really on that whole thing, although some spoilers/speculation I've heard has really got me wondering about a few things...

Awesome little appearance by Lucifer at the end in the cage. Crowley must love it that the tables are now turned. Does anyone think Lucifer's goading is going to somehow get Crowley to turn against the boys?

That's about all I've got. I'm way too exhausted now to get any deeper into this. Oh, and I still hate Angsty Archie for taking away the promos. :P
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